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WHERE THE SKELETONS PLAY to unveil ‘Serotonin Blueprints’, out 27th May‏

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“It would be easy to write this off as Deftones-worship. But, while the Sacramento five-piece experiment to avoid, or mask, stagnation, WTSP use experimentation as a means to reinforce already solid and interesting foundations.” 10/10 Metal Discovery
Sounding like a hybrid of the gritty messed-up grooves of Deftones bred with the spawn of Tool, under the cunning orchestration of Trent Reznor, Where The Skeletons Play return and are poised to move through the ranks of the UK scene with their explosive new record ‘Serotonin Blueprints’, out 27th May 2013.
Born in 2011 as a purely studio-based project, Where The Skeletons Play are the innovation of Stitch (Vocals) and Bones (Instrumentation). As they pull from a span of notable influences ranging from the likes of Pelican, Deftones, and Tool, through to Nine Inch Nails, Where The Skeletons Play can be broadly labelled as ambient Hard Rock. However, the dynamic duo undeniably manage to carve their very own indelible mark on proceedings. As you sink into the woven texturing of the band, you’ll soon discover that they are set well apart from their contemporary counterparts. Progressive, yet accessible, the band have fastidiously crafted a sound that is imaginative, while harnessing their genuine ability to write a killer tune.
Since their formation, Where The Skeletons Play have had a steady output of strong material. The mysterious two-some released their debut EP ‘Generation Wars’ in the Summer of 2012 and it soon garnered strong praise and notoriety from fans and many sectors of the underground press for its unique brand of Off-Kilter Hard Rock. And now, the wirey upstarts are armed with their exciting new six-track EP ‘Serotonin Blueprints’, which swerves and pulls the listener right from the off. The record is stacked with inventive riffs, intriguing time-signatures, ambient guitar tapestries, and hooky melodies that will leave you craving for more. With further tracks waiting in the wings, it’s apparent that WTSP are destined for great things. So, look out –- Where The Skeletons Play are only just getting started.
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Black Market Serotonin put ‘Irons In The Fire’, out on 25th February‏


Black Market Serotonin Online Promo ShotHopefully bands like Black Market Serotonin will soon be acknowledged and praised for what they are: rock bands with a surfeit of ideas, minds open to all possible outcomes and the passion to turn them into music with authentic depth and power’ ~ Dom Lawson, Classic Rock Presents: Prog
Industrial-progressive unit ‘Black Market Serotonin’ release new video single ‘Irons In The Fire’ on Monday 25th February, taken from their debut album ‘Something From Nothing’ released through Superstar Destroyer Records and all digital stores on Monday 29th April 2013.
On Irons In The Fire, Black Market Serotonin deliver their sharpest statement from upcoming full-length Something From Nothing. From an intro that recalls Nine Inch Nails, chorus that could be Origin of Symmetry Muse and wall-of-sound riffage that harks back to the glory days of Tool and Deftones, it’s clear that these guys enjoy the heavier things in life. Wrapped in a veil of rich melodies the overall effect is not the blunt instrument you might expect; it’s surprisingly accessible, even if it’s still music to headbang to.
Born in 2010 and hailing from Manchester, Black Market Serotonin feature the talents of Andrew Pimblott  (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Samples), Lee Campbell (Bass Guitar), and Michael Colman (Drums/Percussion). The trio met during their University days, and aided by their mutual fondness for thoughtful and progressive rock, they soon became firm friends. After many months of intense rehearsals in Colman’s basement fuelled by caffeine, sleep depravation, and a lack of light, the band emerged with their debut EP Deadbyfiveoclock. The record was released in the Spring of 2011 and garnered widespread praise and accolades from many online publications and bloggers.
Now with indie label Superstar Destroyer putting out the record, Something From Nothing will be unleashed on the nation this Spring. Firstly, the band release a taste of things to come – the brand new video single Irons In The Fire which is lifted from the album. ‘Irons’ perfectly showcases the band’s deft ability to unleash a concise piece of engaging post-rock with measured synth work and vocal lines, all to stunning effect. Black Market Serotonin have arrived.
BAND MEMBERS: Andrew Pimblott – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards/Samples; Lee Campbell – Bass Guitar; Michael Colman – Drums/Percussion.
FOR FANS OF: Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Porcupine Tree.


Taking from everyone from HIM, Tool through to Pat Benatar, Southend alternative unit ‘Trash Monroe’ deliver a sound that is both raw and captivating, while meshing genres giving them a singular sound that shoots from the hip to the heart without definition or label. The alt-rockers have just released their brand new EP ‘Addiction Of Duplicities, part 1’, in stores now and the record has already garnered widespread critical acclaim further enhancing the rising rocksters ascendant to the upper echelons of the UK Brit-rock scene. Adding further weight to their causes, the band have just released a stunning video for ‘S.O.B’ which can be viewedbelow

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ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES to release new single ‘Drought/ Ghost In The Filament’ 20th August.‏

ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES ‘Drought/ Ghost In The Filament’, out 20th August.‏


Pounding on your front door like the bastard love child of Tool and early Biffy Clyro, Always The Quiet Ones have arrived on the UK scene and the North-West rock beasts will continue their ascent with their stunning new double-sided single ‘Drought’ and ‘Ghost In The Filament’, out 20th August.

Spawned in Liverpool at the tail-end of 2010, Always The Quiet Ones take from a range of sources from the groove and heaviness of Deftones and the technical proficiency of Tool through to the leftfield riffery of Biffy Clyro. That said, the UK rockers undoubtedly bring their very own sound to the table, spitting out engaging guitar work and dynamics that will leave you poised for more. From the off, the live-wired fivesome began to embark on a cluster of frenzied live shows supporting the likes of Deaf Havana, Mojo Fury, The Safety Fire and Fighting With Wire, quickly amassing a stellar fan-base for their own brand of off-kilter alternative rock.

In the Spring of 2012, the angular rocksters released ‘Freak Show‘ to widespread critical acclaim. The EP picked up heavy radio rotation on Total Rock Radio, XFM and Kerrang! Radio, as well as notching up extensive national press praise from the likes of Big Cheese, Rocksound, Powerplay, and Kerrang! The twisted upstarts now up the ante with their double-headed new single ‘Drought / Ghost In The Filament’; both cuts pull and swerve at every turn, with their firework display of captivating phrasing and refrains that plunge themselves straight into the skull!

Check out the band’s blistering new video for ‘Drought’ below

 “Stark, dramatic and deliciously oft-kilter!” Big Cheese Magazine

Always The Quiet Ones to release ‘Freak show’ EP 5th March February 2012

Ascending skewed-up rock crew ‘Always The Quiet Ones’ unveil their brand new EP ‘Freak Show’ on Monday 5th March 2012, through all digital stores.


Sounding like an early hybrid of Biffy Clyro dishing out dirty messed-up grooves and breeding with the spawn of Tool, Always The Quiet Ones are here to make their twisted mark on the UK scene, and these wired Liverpudlians have the perfect bait in the shape of their new record, suitably titled ‘Freak Show’, coming to treat your ears this spring.

Hailing from Liverpool and taking their moniker from graffiti showcased in the local dockyards, Always The Quiet Ones were born in the later part of 2010 by five sharp forward-thinking individuals: Blas Barragan Jr. (vocals), Joe Danher (guitar), Adam Lucas (guitar), Chris Nicholls (bass) and James Lorenzo (drums). The enterprising quintet soon embarked on a series of frenetic live shows supporting such artists as Deaf Havana, Mojo Fury, Axis Of and Turbogeist, and quickly began garnering strong praise and notoriety from fans and many sectors of the underground press for their own unique brand of off-kilter alt-rock.

Always The Quiet Ones pull from a span of notable influences ranging from the likes of A Perfect Circle, Deftones and Biffy Clyro, through to Oceansize; however the dynamic fivesome undoubtedly manage to stamp their very own indelible mark on proceedings.

The wirey upstarts are now armed with their exciting new EP ‘Freak Show’ and it swerves and pulls the listener right from the get-go. The record is rammed with skewed riffs, intriguing time-signatures and infectious melodies that will leave you pining for more. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the animated rock crew also plan to release a killer new double-A-single which is waiting in the wings for late April 2012.  It’s evident that Always The Quiet Ones are destined for great things. So, look out – Always The Quiet Ones have arrived.

“Its heavy, melodic and catchy, its something that Biffy Clyro used to do in their earlier albums, except these guys do it better. They rip up the rule book and have created something special” CIRCLEPIT.TV