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WHERE THE SKELETONS PLAY to unveil ‘Serotonin Blueprints’, out 27th May‏

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“It would be easy to write this off as Deftones-worship. But, while the Sacramento five-piece experiment to avoid, or mask, stagnation, WTSP use experimentation as a means to reinforce already solid and interesting foundations.” 10/10 Metal Discovery
Sounding like a hybrid of the gritty messed-up grooves of Deftones bred with the spawn of Tool, under the cunning orchestration of Trent Reznor, Where The Skeletons Play return and are poised to move through the ranks of the UK scene with their explosive new record ‘Serotonin Blueprints’, out 27th May 2013.
Born in 2011 as a purely studio-based project, Where The Skeletons Play are the innovation of Stitch (Vocals) and Bones (Instrumentation). As they pull from a span of notable influences ranging from the likes of Pelican, Deftones, and Tool, through to Nine Inch Nails, Where The Skeletons Play can be broadly labelled as ambient Hard Rock. However, the dynamic duo undeniably manage to carve their very own indelible mark on proceedings. As you sink into the woven texturing of the band, you’ll soon discover that they are set well apart from their contemporary counterparts. Progressive, yet accessible, the band have fastidiously crafted a sound that is imaginative, while harnessing their genuine ability to write a killer tune.
Since their formation, Where The Skeletons Play have had a steady output of strong material. The mysterious two-some released their debut EP ‘Generation Wars’ in the Summer of 2012 and it soon garnered strong praise and notoriety from fans and many sectors of the underground press for its unique brand of Off-Kilter Hard Rock. And now, the wirey upstarts are armed with their exciting new six-track EP ‘Serotonin Blueprints’, which swerves and pulls the listener right from the off. The record is stacked with inventive riffs, intriguing time-signatures, ambient guitar tapestries, and hooky melodies that will leave you craving for more. With further tracks waiting in the wings, it’s apparent that WTSP are destined for great things. So, look out –- Where The Skeletons Play are only just getting started.
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REAPER IN SICILY debut album ‘Islands’, out 10th June‏

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Fast moving Brit tunesters “Reaper In Sicily” continue their rise with the launch of their new album ‘Islands’, out Monday 10th June through all national outlets.
Packing together the infectious wizardry and guile of The Used and Kids In Glass Houses fused with the muscular vigour of Rise Against, Reaper In Sicily have produced a sound that will blow your face right off. The South Wales riff beasts are equipped with the tools to ensure that they will explode this year!
Formed in 2009, soon after introducing themselves to the scene Reaper in Sicily won best unsigned live act by Kerrang! Magazine. The self-proclaimed ‘Power pop’ five-some then went on to sign a record deal with Search and Destroy Records and Raw Power Management. The band’s first single ‘We Are The Show’ received widespread rotation on TV screens throughout the nation, and the record received extensive critical acclaim, including radio airplay on BBC Radio One.
Sadly though, in March 2010, Matthew Jenkins (guitarist) was diagnosed with leukaemia, and the band were instantly placed on a hiatus until the guitarist was well enough to play again. Reaper returned later that year and promptly released two new EPs, appeared at both the Reading and Leeds festivals, and clinched support slots for everyone from Kids In Glass Houses, The Subways, Max Raptor, Attack! Attack!, Mallory Knox, Hawthorne Heights, Fightstar, The Xcerts, Straight Lines, I Spy Strangers and Evarosa, to Hildamay, and many many more.
Now armed with their explosive debut album ‘Islands’, which was recorded by Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For A Friend & Kids In Glass Houses), the highly-rated five-piece are set to stamp their name firmly on the scene. The album is a prominent piece of modern high energy rock. From its captivating opener ‘50’, to the aptly titled ‘Chuck Norris Got A Chainsaw’ which grabs a hold of your particulars, through to their new video single ‘Horizons’, and onwards to the majestic title track ‘Islands’, the band have sculptured a record that lavishes pounding riffery, soaring melodies, and earnest energy to the listener. With a full UK tour sketched out for the early part of the summer, the band are poised and ready for dizzy heights!
 Reaper In Sicily Album Cover Artwork

New Feud singles out

Rock band Feud release a triple threat of singles to light up the tail end of the year.

The new singles are ‘Miles Away’, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Floater’ and are now available from all good online retailers!!

You can listen to the tracks first at and

Or just download them straight away  from any of the following:





 Or directly from the Feud official website at;


RAVEN LORD – Announces Fan Video Contest‏

Multinational heavy metal band RAVEN LORD and ROCK N GROWL have launched a worldwide fan video contest for the track “BLACK FRIAR“. It comes off their forthcoming album “Descent to the Underworld“.

The winning contestant will be publicly announced in a press news and wins 300€ for the efforts. The video chosen will be the official music clip for the upcoming album release in January 2013.



Contest details:

Are you the guru for graphical design and video editing? Have you ever wanted to produce and edit your video clip to your favourite music? Now this is your chance!

RAVEN LORD just released the track “Black Friar” on which you can use your imagination and talent. You’re free to use animated or recorded video material. The resolution shall be HD quality. Make sure you use only video material on which you own the rights to!

The winning contestant will be publicly announced in a press news and wins 300€ for the efforts. The video chosen will be the official music clip for the upcoming album release in January 2013.

 Here is how you can enter the contest:

1. Download “RAVEN LORD – Black Friar” HERE! (

2. Create your own video for “Black Friar” with your favourite tools.

3. Upload your HD video version to YouTube with the title “RAVEN LORD – video contest -” followed by your name or company and set the rights to unlisted!

4. Send your link to us promo (at) and you’re officially entered our contest.

Contest ends on Monday, 31. December 2012. The winning clip will be chosen by the band. The winner will be contacted by ROCK N GROWL. Good luck!


RAVEN LORD recently inked a two-album deal with Mausoleum Records. The group’s debut CD, “Descent To The Underworld“, is scheduled for a release on January 25, 2013 in Europe and February 12, 2013 in North America.

“Descent To The Underworld” track listing:

01. The Rebel

02. Attila The Hun

03. Let The Show Go On

04. Seal Of The Cross

05. Settle The Score

06. Promised Land

07. Black Friar

08. World Out Of Steel

09. Revelation

10. Metal Knights

11. Sun God

“Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather-studded sleeves, RAVEN LORD combine the classic metal feel of the past with the fresh aggression of the present,” according to a press release. “Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums and explosive riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create driving and memorable songs.”


* Joe Stump (HOLYHELL, REIGN OF TERROR) – Lead Guitar
* Jamie Mallender (TONY MARTIN) – Bass
* Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (BLAZE BALEY, STUKA SQUADRON) – Drums
* George Karafotis (VERMILLION DAYS, OPERATION X) – Guitar
* [to be announced] – Keyboards

Introducing 6008 Days.

Ex-Secret Sphere singer Roberto Messina has introduced his new project, rock band 6008 Days.


Officially announcing his split from Secret Sphere, Messina’s and his new band are working on their debut album with first single/video “The Bad Day” due in October. The video has been made in collaboration with video-artist-director Antonio Masiello.

6008 Days is made up of experienced musicians (ex-Secret Sphere/ Alkemyst – Lucky Bastards members) with years of published discography and international tours between them. With a sound as energetic and vibrant in style as the likes of Alterbridge, Shinedown, and Foo Fighters, 6008 Days is a band ready to push the boundaries of rock.

Roberto “Ramon” Messina parted ways with Italian power metallers Secret Sphere   in March of this year  due to musical differences. He spent 12 years with the band releasing six successful albums in that time.

Secret Sphere issued the following statement upon Messina’s departure:
We are very thankful for what Roberto did for the band during all these years, we are friends before musicians, he was with us since the beginning and the fans are really closed to his voice. The split happened during the recordings of the seventh album, but in a friendly way we wish Roberto all the best for his future.

Watch this space for more info from 6008 Days in the coming weeks

CODEJAK to unleash their stomping debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’, on 19th November‏



Sounding like the thrashed bastard child of early Queens Of The Stone Age tanked up on a case of whisky, CodeJak are here to blow the cobwebs away and rattle your ear drums into submission with their own stamp of boisterous Alco-Rock. The band release their debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’ through Ghoulish Records/PHD on Monday 19th November.

Encouraged by the likes of AC/DC, Therapy?, and The Foo Fighters, CodeJak loosely sit within the ranks of edgy alternative fuelled punk-rock with their robust and alluring angular sound. Yet their ability to dextrously manipulate melody and twisted riffery serves to set them apart from the pack.

Since 2009, CodeJak have been touring extensively throughout the UK and have shared stages alongside an array of varied artists such as: The Buzzcocks, The Selector, and Sham 69, as well as supporting Chris Jericho’s Fozzy throughout the whole of the UK and mainland Europe. The Alt-Rockers are now also well established throughout the tattoo convention circuit, performing at The International London Tattoo Convention, Tattoo Jam, and at a number of festivals throughout the country. Furthering the band’s growth, in 2010 the North-West Alternate nuts released their debut EP “Hell Yeah” to widespread critical acclaim, securing praise from national press, radio, and TV spots.

During the early part of 2012, CodeJak laid siege in the studio and nailed down eleven tracks which have formed their thunderous debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’. Right from the off, the records swings from the muscular gritty beatings of ‘The Ballad Of Jenny G’, to the rock ’n’ roll sleazy crusty cool of ‘Hell Yeah’, and back again to the intoxicating and spiky ‘Falling Back From Grace’. These Northern rogues have thrown down a monstrous beast of a debut and it warrants your attention.


 CodeJak are simply outstanding and one of the best new rock bands that England has to offer!” Alternative Vision

TRACKLISTING: 1. The Ballad Of Jenny G; 2. Hell Yeah; 3. When I Fall; 4. Sail Away; 5. Pull Out Your Knife; 6. Broken Man; 7. Serpentine; 8. Start Again; 9. Falling Back From Grace; 10. Sell My Soul; 11. Little Boy.

BAND MEMBERS: Dan – Vocals/Guitar, Dave – Drums/Backing, Dan C – Lead Guitar, Dave F – Bass.

FOR FANS OF: Queens Of The Stoneage, AC/DC, Therapy?



Bristol-based trio Mind Museum have just released their excellent brand new single and video, Lie To Me.

Mind Museum has been impressing audiences up and down the UK with their fire and passion bursting songs. Two critically acclaimed EPs and a multitude of shows including sharing stages with the likes of Young Guns, Twin Atlantic, The Royal Republic and The King Blues, the band are sealing their increasing standing in UK rock with the release of impressive new single called ‘Lie To Me’,  available through all digital outlets.

The song is a heady slice of emotive alt rock, its body full of the band’s trademark melody and power as well as the outstanding voice of Justin Percival. The band, completed by Will Slater on guitar and drummer Chas Bacon, bring the stirring brew of the accomplished sounds of veterans and the fresh energy of youth within Lie To Me, its crowning glory a delicious solo!

Songwriter Will said of the song, “Lie To Me is all about perception and realisation. It’s about how other people perceive you, versus the reality of who you really are. But ultimately, it’s about how we perceive ourselves. The lies we tell ourselves and then the dawning realisation that the hopes and dreams you spent your life trying to achieve aren’t going to come true. The frustration and angst is expressed in the music.”

The video for the single has been directed by photographer Paul Broome (, who has been working with the band since their inception. The video picks up on the schizophrenic content of the song, the idea of a double life between our perceived selves and real selves. This is perfectly expressed in the flickering costume changes, the voyeuristic camera angles and surreal dreamlike colour palette of the video.

Watch the video @

For more info visit the band’s website here: and also check out their highly rated mini-album ‘The Power Of Three’.