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RAVEN LORD – Announces Fan Video Contest‏

Multinational heavy metal band RAVEN LORD and ROCK N GROWL have launched a worldwide fan video contest for the track “BLACK FRIAR“. It comes off their forthcoming album “Descent to the Underworld“.

The winning contestant will be publicly announced in a press news and wins 300€ for the efforts. The video chosen will be the official music clip for the upcoming album release in January 2013.



Contest details:

Are you the guru for graphical design and video editing? Have you ever wanted to produce and edit your video clip to your favourite music? Now this is your chance!

RAVEN LORD just released the track “Black Friar” on which you can use your imagination and talent. You’re free to use animated or recorded video material. The resolution shall be HD quality. Make sure you use only video material on which you own the rights to!

The winning contestant will be publicly announced in a press news and wins 300€ for the efforts. The video chosen will be the official music clip for the upcoming album release in January 2013.

 Here is how you can enter the contest:

1. Download “RAVEN LORD – Black Friar” HERE! (

2. Create your own video for “Black Friar” with your favourite tools.

3. Upload your HD video version to YouTube with the title “RAVEN LORD – video contest -” followed by your name or company and set the rights to unlisted!

4. Send your link to us promo (at) and you’re officially entered our contest.

Contest ends on Monday, 31. December 2012. The winning clip will be chosen by the band. The winner will be contacted by ROCK N GROWL. Good luck!


RAVEN LORD recently inked a two-album deal with Mausoleum Records. The group’s debut CD, “Descent To The Underworld“, is scheduled for a release on January 25, 2013 in Europe and February 12, 2013 in North America.

“Descent To The Underworld” track listing:

01. The Rebel

02. Attila The Hun

03. Let The Show Go On

04. Seal Of The Cross

05. Settle The Score

06. Promised Land

07. Black Friar

08. World Out Of Steel

09. Revelation

10. Metal Knights

11. Sun God

“Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather-studded sleeves, RAVEN LORD combine the classic metal feel of the past with the fresh aggression of the present,” according to a press release. “Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums and explosive riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create driving and memorable songs.”


* Joe Stump (HOLYHELL, REIGN OF TERROR) – Lead Guitar
* Jamie Mallender (TONY MARTIN) – Bass
* Lawrence “Larry” Paterson (BLAZE BALEY, STUKA SQUADRON) – Drums
* George Karafotis (VERMILLION DAYS, OPERATION X) – Guitar
* [to be announced] – Keyboards


Canadian metallic hard rock band FAMOUS UNDERGROUND featuring ex-Slik Toxik singer (Juno Award winner) Nick Walsh signs management deal with Germany’s ROCK N GROWL MANAGEMENT.

FAMOUS UNDERGROUND have never strayed from their life-long dedication to hard rock and metal music and lock the power and energy into 4-minute songs with great hooks. FAMOUS UNDERGROUND’S sound and music is edgy, melodic and hookybringing a paradigm shift to the arena of rock. It’s been said, that they have created something fresh and exciting in an otherwise stagnated genre. With the conclusion that no-one has definitive comparisons, Carl Begai writer with elite hard rock/metal magazine BW&BK describes the new recording as “it’s a darker if-Metallica-were-Guns-N-Roses direction with this brand new album.”

Nick says of the signing ‘we have been building relations with Axel for the past year and we all felt that the timing was right for us to finally seal the deal. We are totally pumped to have his passion and knowledge within the F.U. family.’

‘We have never had the right opportunity before to bring our brand of metal to the European market,’Laurie-Anne states. ‘The anticipation of playing on the European stages is very exciting to us and we are ready to come over and rock out.’

ROCK N GROWL & FAMOUS UNDERGROUND currently shopping the brand new self titled album, to find a suitable record deal very soon.

The group, consists of the following musicians: Nick Walsh – vocals, guitars, Laurie-Anne Green – Bass, Rick Corvese – Guitars, Darren Boyd – Guitars and Desche Sparboom – drums.

Video trailer for the upcoming epic video ‘Dead Weight‘ can be viewed below.

Melodic Metal band EDEN’S CURSE sign with ROCK N GROWL

Multinational Melodic Metal band EDEN’S CURSE has inked a worldwide management deal with Germany’s ROCK N GROWL MANAGEMENT. The band is also making great progress with the writing process for album number four; a short snippet from a new demo track called “LOSING MY FAITH” can be streamed here:

Bassist Paul Logue says: “We are delighted to welcome Axel to the EC family and we look forward to making great strides in taking Eden’s Curse to the masses. Our primary goal is get out and play to as many people as possible over the next few years, and with Axel’s experience and extensive network of contacts, we are confident we have the right guy beside us”.

EDEN’S CURSE line-up features: Marco Sandron – Vocals, Thorsten Koehne – Guitars, Paul Logue – Bass, Pete Newdeck – Drums and Alessandro Del Vecchio
– Keyboards

As previously reported, EDEN’S CURSE announced Italian vocalist Marco Sandron in March as the new voice of The Curse with the release of their brand new single and promotional video “TIME TO BREATHE“. The track is currently available for free download at and the video can be viewed below:

The band are also thrilled to announce play Dokkem Open Air Festival in Holland onSaturday 30th June alongside Arch Enemy, Jon Oliva’s Pain and Dominici –

The future looks ever brighter for the British/German/Italian quintet who head into the studio to record their most hotly anticipated record to date, later in the year. The best part is … this band is just getting started!

Swedish metaller VINDICTIV sign management deal + recording new album!‏

Swedish melodic/progressive metaller VINDICTIV, formed and led by Swedish guitar sensation Stefan Lindholm have inked a worldwide management deal with Germany’s ROCK N GROWL.

VINDICTIV are currently in the studio recording the brand new third album “Cage Of Infinity“. Lindholm says: “We have some exiting guests on the new album, all we can say is that the new album are going to kick ass!”
Vindictiv’s line-up features:
Stefan Lindholm – Guitars (Raven Lord, Firecracker, Phenomena), Csaba Zvekan – Vocals (Raven Lord, Exorcism, Killing Machine), Pontus Larsson – Keyboards (Raven Lord, Exorcism, Firecracker), Marco Minnemann – Drums (Tony MacAlpine, George Bellas, Bryan Beller) and Nalley Pahlsson – Bass (Therion, Zan Clan, Treat).

Stefan Lindholm was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973 and picked up the guitar at the age of 15 after his father bought him his first electric guitar, which incidentally was the well known and highly appreciated: “Emperador Strat” from the Kasuga Factory in Japan, which he played through a Squire 15-watt amplifier to his neighbourghs cheerful delight. After two years of intensive playing, he took private tutoring from guitarist Mike Wead, known for his involvement with bands such as: “Candlemass”, “The Haunted”, “King Diamond”, “Momento Mori” and “Hexenhaus”.

The first band Stefan ever started, was with the aid of singer Pier Krentzel in 1995, and the constellation was soon named: “Endless Circle”. Additional bandmembers where Mikael Kvist, who would later join forces with danish band: “Fate”. Relatively soon, extra guitarist Mikael Bergenmalm was added to the band and lastly, bassplayer Dagna Plebanek. At this time they decided to changed the bandname to: “Globan Dreams” for further appeal.

In the coming years, Global Dreams parted ways with Krentezel which gave singer Jonny Berntsson chance to join the lineup. Due to musical difficulties, Stefan decided to dissolve the band, which later on sprung to become: “Elsephere” without his involvement. Between 1998 and 2002, Stefan took four years of absence to pursue other interests. At the end of some fruitful endeavours, the time was right to compose music for the first demo of what was to become: “Vindictiv”.

Vindictiv as a band, started in early 2004, when Stefan got in touch with keyboard player Pontus Larsson to work and record some songs. They recorded a demo with current “Seventh Wonder” singer Tommy Karevik which was received with great enthusiasm and got good reviews, amongst them, high praise in the best hard-rock mag in Scandinavia: “Sweden Rock Magazine”. Stefan would go on and contact one of swedens finest vocalists, Göran Edman (Madison, John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Docker’s Guild and many more) – for future collaborations. Edman really liked what he heard, so next up was to recruit was Nalle Påhlsson (Zan-Clan, Treat) and also drummer Mikael Wikman.

Vindictiv would go on to release two albums, the self-titled debut in 2008 and “Ground Zero” in 2009 (a new album is in the making). Apart from his main band, Stefan has been a successful soloist on a number of albums, amongst them in record producer Tom Galleys international project: “Phenomena” and: “Soulspell” (Jon Oliva, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Roland Grapow) – to name a few. Other great vocalists Stefan has worked with include: Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Oliver Hartmann (At Vance, Avantasia) and Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring of Fire).

Stefan Lindholm is endorsed by “Manne Guitars” and “Hughes & Kettner AMPS” – Artist page “Manne Guitars“:

Discography Vindictiv/Stefan Lindholm
2012 Vindictiv – Cage Of Infinity
2012 Raven Lord – t.b.a.
2010 Firecracker – Born Of Fire
2010 Phenomena – Blind Faith
2010 Soulspell – Labyrinth Of Truths
2009 Vindictiv – Ground Zero
2008 Vindictiv – S/T


French death metallers LIVARKAHIL sign management/booking deal and release new video trailer!‏

French brutal death metallers LIVARKAHIL have inked a worldwide management deal with Germany’s ROCK N GROWL and sign with booking agency N-SYNDICATE (KMFDM, LAIBACH, COMBICHRIST, CNK, etc.). AVANTGARDE MNGT will be in charge of band’s promotion worldwide. Livarkahil states: “We really want to thank Martin, Axel, Laurent and Filipe for their kind assistance and their support.”

The new video trailer “THE ETERNAL SUN – ROUGH MIX” of the upcoming digital EP “WRATH OF GOD” (May 2012) can be viewed below:


Livarkahil is: HK – Vocals, Traüme – Guitar, Skvm – Drums, Simurgh – Bass, Sonaer – Guitar


The new heavy thing is in town and it’s name is LIVARKAHIL. Formed in 2007, this Parisian death metal combo never stopped growing. After more than 50 gigs across europe, the band will prove that they are the new revelation of the European death metal scene. Parisian death metal combo never stopped growing. After playing many extreme performances during the “first tour of violence” through France, Belgium ans Switzerland, LIVARKAHIL intends to prove ever more their strengh as a live act to recreate the universe of “Signs Of Decay“.


In nomine Patris, We hail the Victory!


Next tour dates:
May – 19 Valenciennes – Igelrock w/ SETH, GLORIOR BELLI, BELENOS

2011 – Signs Of Decay (Listenable Records)
2009 – First Act Of Violence (Dealight Enternainment)
2007 – No Cure For The Fools (Demo – Self Produced)

Chainfist streaming new song “Mass Frustration”!‏

A brand new full song “Mass Frustration” from the Denmark based groove metal band CHAINFIST can be streamed below.

Mass Frustration:

Mass Frustration” was recorded at Six String Studios with Søren Jensen behind the wheel and mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios.

The group, which recently signed a worldwide management deal with Germany’s Rock N Growl Management, consists of the following musicians: Jackie Petersen (vocals), Michael Kopietz (guitar), Thomas Hvisel (Guitar), Jesper Heidelbach (drums) and Braca Pedersen (bass).

CHAINFIST are currently recording the band’s second, yet untitled album. The new material is stronger, heavier and even more melodic than the songs on the debut CD “Black Out Sunday“.

Metal that makes the world go round, your neck break and your body bounce. Nothing more nothing less.


PUMP, the German heavy rockers featuring ex-BRAINSTORM singer Marcus Jürgens, have inked a worldwide management deal with ROCK N GROWL MANAGEMENT.

PUMP are working on their fourth record with the working title “Waiting For The Rapture” to be released in later 2012.

PUMP is a band with a solid foundation and real Rock-N-Roll blood runnin’ down their veins. Five guys who where only born to do one thing, rock the world! So get ready to rock! Welcome to the world of PUMP!

PUMP is:

Marcus Jürgens – Vocals (Brainstorm, Kashmyr)
Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt – Guitars (Tales Of Sorrow, Unfroynd)
Michael Vetter – Bass (Watch Me Bleed, Chinchilla, Outrage, Unfroynd)
Axel “Aki” Reissmann – Guitars (Downspirit, Hazy Shade)
Andreas Minich – Drums (Unfroynd)

PUMP was formed in February 2002 by a group of talented, hard-working musicians and have released 3 full-lenght albums. Tired of being told what type of music they should play, PUMP decided to go against the pervasive Grunge/Nu-Metal grain to play the hard rock music they love in the vain of Skid Row, Tesla, Whitesnake, Aerosmith and Dokken. Their defiance has paid off. After only a short time, they are taking hard rock and metal to a new generation. PUMP’s current line-up is led by vocalist Marcus Jürgens, whose raw vocal ability contributes to the band’s distinctive sound. The guitar team of Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt and Aki Reissmann each bring his own unique guitar style to this hard-driving mix: bluesy, yet melodic with a heavy twist. Bassist Michael Vetter and drummer Andreas Minich provide the solid, rhythmic foundation on which the music is built. PUMP has what it takes to bring hard rock to a scene hungry for music that is loud, heavy, and straight from the gut. The music is about good times, bad times, sex, booze and lots of life stories, all wrapped up into high-energy Rock-N-Roll music. It’s pure, not pretend, not faked or forced. It’s just simple, but PUMP has something special, a gift, the passion, the drive, the ability to make it happen. It’s time to stand up and salute the next generation of Rock-N-Roll music.

PUMP share the stages and played festivals in the past: Rock For One World 2012, Alice Cooper, Rock Of Ages Festival, Warmbronner Open Air, House of Lords, On Tour with U.F.O 2009, Air Axes Festival, Dokken, Harem Scarem, Crystal Ball, Shakra, Pretty Maids, Helloween, Primal Fear, Axel Rudi Pell Tour 2004, Building a Force – Metal Festival, Tattoo-Fun & Relax 2004, Queensryche, U.D.O., United Forces Of Rock Festival, Metal-Inside Festival, Mystic Prophecy, Vengeance, Angel Days Festival, Freedom Call, Domain, Pink Cream 69, Human Zoo, China, Dark Sky, Foreigner, Gotthard, Golden Earring, Suzi Quatro, Axxis, Kissin Dynamite, etc.

Next Shows
23.03 Wildeside Club Münsingen ( D )
25.05 Rocknacht Tennwil ( CH )

2012 – Waiting For The Rapture (working title)
2009 – Sonic Extasy
2006 – Breakdown to Breakthrough
2004 – Against everyone’s advice