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Attacking your senses like the warped bastard child of Queens Of The Stoneage loaded up on a vintage batch of whisky, Milestone will pound your head into compliance with their invigorating blend of scuzzy Alt-rock. The band release their spanking new EP ‘Medicate The Night’ through Imperial Music on Monday 13th May.
Before the release of the EP  the band have released he blistering new video for ‘Dirty Knees’. This sleazy rock n roll cut is taken from the band’s debut EP ‘Medicate The Night’, and you can check it out here

Set firmly apart from their Metalcore peers in South Wales, Milestone are inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Them Crooked Vultures, The Black Keys, Jack White, and the Foo Fighters, and loosely sit within the arena of twisted alternative-rock with their hearty and alluring angular sound, underpinned by edgy blues rock.
Formed in February 2012, after meeting in College in Bridgend, South Wales, Milestone have an individual and collective rampant obsession with riff-driven rock, and it manifests itself in their music. The quartet are steadily picking up new fans and have already extensively played throughout their homeland, sharing stages with an assortment of artists such as Exit International, The Dead Famous, Gavin Butler from The Blackout, and Neil Starr from Attack, Attack. The twisted riffsmiths are also poised to strike out to the nation with touring soon to be announced.

Now fresh from bunkering down in the studio, where the band laid down five cuts, Milestone are set to nationally unveil their stunning debut EP ‘Medicate The Night’, and it’s a real gem. From the rock ‘n’ roll strut and groove of opener ‘Dirty Knees’, to the EP’s title track ‘Medicate The Night’ which comes at you with a rollercoaster ride of fuzzed up raw riffage, and to the dynamics of closer ‘Bless Your Soul’, these South Wales rocksters have cultivated a throbbing beast of a debut that will command your attention and ensure that the band take flight.

 The band are also set to hit the road in support of the record cross the  UK,a track from the impending EP. For info on where they are playing hit up the band’s Facebook for updates at –

CODEJAK to unleash their stomping debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’, on 19th November‏



Sounding like the thrashed bastard child of early Queens Of The Stone Age tanked up on a case of whisky, CodeJak are here to blow the cobwebs away and rattle your ear drums into submission with their own stamp of boisterous Alco-Rock. The band release their debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’ through Ghoulish Records/PHD on Monday 19th November.

Encouraged by the likes of AC/DC, Therapy?, and The Foo Fighters, CodeJak loosely sit within the ranks of edgy alternative fuelled punk-rock with their robust and alluring angular sound. Yet their ability to dextrously manipulate melody and twisted riffery serves to set them apart from the pack.

Since 2009, CodeJak have been touring extensively throughout the UK and have shared stages alongside an array of varied artists such as: The Buzzcocks, The Selector, and Sham 69, as well as supporting Chris Jericho’s Fozzy throughout the whole of the UK and mainland Europe. The Alt-Rockers are now also well established throughout the tattoo convention circuit, performing at The International London Tattoo Convention, Tattoo Jam, and at a number of festivals throughout the country. Furthering the band’s growth, in 2010 the North-West Alternate nuts released their debut EP “Hell Yeah” to widespread critical acclaim, securing praise from national press, radio, and TV spots.

During the early part of 2012, CodeJak laid siege in the studio and nailed down eleven tracks which have formed their thunderous debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’. Right from the off, the records swings from the muscular gritty beatings of ‘The Ballad Of Jenny G’, to the rock ’n’ roll sleazy crusty cool of ‘Hell Yeah’, and back again to the intoxicating and spiky ‘Falling Back From Grace’. These Northern rogues have thrown down a monstrous beast of a debut and it warrants your attention.


 CodeJak are simply outstanding and one of the best new rock bands that England has to offer!” Alternative Vision

TRACKLISTING: 1. The Ballad Of Jenny G; 2. Hell Yeah; 3. When I Fall; 4. Sail Away; 5. Pull Out Your Knife; 6. Broken Man; 7. Serpentine; 8. Start Again; 9. Falling Back From Grace; 10. Sell My Soul; 11. Little Boy.

BAND MEMBERS: Dan – Vocals/Guitar, Dave – Drums/Backing, Dan C – Lead Guitar, Dave F – Bass.

FOR FANS OF: Queens Of The Stoneage, AC/DC, Therapy?