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Attacking your senses like the warped bastard child of Queens Of The Stoneage loaded up on a vintage batch of whisky, Milestone will pound your head into compliance with their invigorating blend of scuzzy Alt-rock. The band release their spanking new EP ‘Medicate The Night’ through Imperial Music on Monday 13th May.
Before the release of the EP  the band have released he blistering new video for ‘Dirty Knees’. This sleazy rock n roll cut is taken from the band’s debut EP ‘Medicate The Night’, and you can check it out here

Set firmly apart from their Metalcore peers in South Wales, Milestone are inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Them Crooked Vultures, The Black Keys, Jack White, and the Foo Fighters, and loosely sit within the arena of twisted alternative-rock with their hearty and alluring angular sound, underpinned by edgy blues rock.
Formed in February 2012, after meeting in College in Bridgend, South Wales, Milestone have an individual and collective rampant obsession with riff-driven rock, and it manifests itself in their music. The quartet are steadily picking up new fans and have already extensively played throughout their homeland, sharing stages with an assortment of artists such as Exit International, The Dead Famous, Gavin Butler from The Blackout, and Neil Starr from Attack, Attack. The twisted riffsmiths are also poised to strike out to the nation with touring soon to be announced.

Now fresh from bunkering down in the studio, where the band laid down five cuts, Milestone are set to nationally unveil their stunning debut EP ‘Medicate The Night’, and it’s a real gem. From the rock ‘n’ roll strut and groove of opener ‘Dirty Knees’, to the EP’s title track ‘Medicate The Night’ which comes at you with a rollercoaster ride of fuzzed up raw riffage, and to the dynamics of closer ‘Bless Your Soul’, these South Wales rocksters have cultivated a throbbing beast of a debut that will command your attention and ensure that the band take flight.

 The band are also set to hit the road in support of the record cross the  UK,a track from the impending EP. For info on where they are playing hit up the band’s Facebook for updates at –

Deadend In Venice Launches ‘Pledge Music’ Campaign To Record Second Album‏

German melodic death metallers DEAEND IN VENICE launches ‘Pledge Music‘ Campaign to record the second album. After two great years and good response on the first album “See you on the ground“, the band planning the next step and the project is called “A view from above“.


From the band:

Through PledgeMusic you get the possibility to be a part of it! Share the project through facebook or twitter. Whatever way you want to help us spreading the information and raise the possibility to realize “A view from above”. Thanks to all of you!

Pledge Project:

With their partly traditional Gothenburg style combined with Metalcore influences the sound got kind of unique. Female Voices and the power of Melodic Death Metal once was the aim. Now it got so much more! Watch out!

Deadend In Venice is: Annabell Klein (fem. vocals), Christian Litzba (Growls), Tim Schmidtke (Guitar), Kevin Klein (Guitar), Andreas Ackermann (Bass), Frank Koppe (Drums)


Southern Metal nuts ‘Kill The Conversation’ drop their ball-breaking new EP ‘Farewell For The Last Time’ on 4th September. Merging intense brutality and absorbing dynamics, it’s a forceful piece of real engaging metal.

Kill The Conversation were originally born at the tail-end of 2009 in Dorchester by five fiery individuals intent on crafting a sound that would inspire and attack the senses. Subsisting on a hearty diet of gargantuan riffs and pummelling hooks, Kill The Conversation have etched a sound that is both brutal and hard-hitting, yet still inventive; and that’s no easy task given the present over-saturation within the metalcore/metal genres. The band draw comparison to August Burns Red, Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, and Parkway Drive; although they’ve pulled from their influences, they’ve still managed to create a sound uniquely their own.

After a series of sweat-drenched UK shows throughout the south, sharing stages with Sepultura, Rise To Remain, Malefice, Revoker, and Anterior, and the release of their debut EP ‘Figure Of Speech’ which helped to lay key foundations for the band, Kill The Conversation have emerged from the underground with their new EP, ‘ Farewell For The Last Time ‘. The record is stuffed with pounding cuts and weaving dynamism and it’s definitely not for the meek. ‘Farewell For The Last Time’ is a potent piece of modern metal, displaying five ferocious tracks that are sure to thrust the band to the vanguard of the UK metal scene.

The band will also be releasing their stunning new video ‘Fold’, watch this space for further details.

BEYOND BETRAYAL the UK’s newest brutal Metalcore band to release debut EP ‘Money Can’t Save You Now’


Melodic Metalcore unit Beyond Betrayal nationally unveil their stunning brand new EP ‘Money Can’t Save You Now‘ on 27th August and prepare for UK touring.

Rendering influence from an array of quarters, from the groove of Parkway Drive, to the power of Bring Me The Horizon, right through to the technical proficiency of I Killed the Prom Queen, Beyond Betrayal have astutely managed to bond the enticing elements of death prog and metalcore, and modify and compress them down to meld their own amalgamated sound.

Born and formed out of Barrow in Furness in 2009, Beyond Betrayal are comprised of: Vincent Dickinson (Vocals), Arron Twinney (Bass), Scott Shields (Guitar), Tom Fisher (Guitar), and Jake Newton (Drums). Beyond Betrayal’s sound merges full-throttle rhythmic patterns with ball-busting riffery, all compactly adjoined by alluring melodies and measured dynamism. Their sturdy sound has been sharpened widely during the past 12 months, as the death crew stepped up to the plate and reshaped their line-up with an onslaught of extensive rehearsals and a series of successful shows throughout the whole of the North West.

Now after much anticipation, the fast-rising noise upstarts nationally drop their sophomore EP ‘’Money Can’t Save You Now’ on Monday 27th August. The record, mastered by Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead & The Ghost Inside), captures the band as they are best heard, live and in your face. Bursting with brutal riffs and jack hammer beats, Beyond Betrayal have managed to hammer down their live energy to tape and have recorded their new EP just the way they wanted. From the unbridled vigour and standout craft of ‘November’ through to the brutal drive of ‘Scott’s Got A Time Machine (He Told Me Tomorrow)’, which is rammed with edgy riffs, gang vocals, and engaging blastbeats, ‘Money Can’t Save You Now’ is a record that showcases a band that will be a prominent force in the UK metal scene, so just watch them rise.


Youthful Pop-Metallers ‘The City Divided’ nationally release their debut offering ‘The Endless Moment’ on 6th August through all digital stores.

In their exciting debut record, ’The Endless Moment’, The City Divided have served up a resourceful slice of modern rock stirring the sounds of such bands as Busted, Dead By April, Iron Maiden, and Enter Shikari into the melting pot. The hard-working Hertfordshire quartet bring together intriguing harmonious guitar work and infectious hooks with energetic dynamics to unique effect.

Formed in January 2009 from the ashes of a series of bands from the Hertfordshire area, The City Divided soon went into intense writing and rehearsals with the aim of taking their sound further afield. They soon developed their own style of ‘popcore’, which is a thrilling union of enticing guitar work, breakdowns, and boundless hooks, and at the end of 2011, the pop-metallers headed into the studio with Dan Lancaster (Proceed) to lay down tracks for their debut EP ‘The Endless Moment’.

The four piece came out of the studio with a record that twists and turns, and it’s an engrossing listen. Right from the off, ‘Can’t Stop Their Laughing’ is a hooky opener that will rapidly lodge itself straight into your head. As the EP moves on, it unmistakably reflects the band’s melodic craft and diversity in the shape of ‘Watching The World Burn’. Shifting again, ‘Waiting At The Gates’ is a sturdy piece of metalcore that blasts right out from your speakers.

Having recently played a collection of profile shows throughout the South and beyond, racking up supports with We Are The Ocean, My Passion, Never Means Maybe, Heights, and The Eyes Of A Traitor in passing, The City Divided are ready to strike out on their own!

EP  TRACKLISTING: 1. Can’t Stop Their Laughing; 2. Higher Ground; 3. Watching The World Burn; 4. Waiting At The Gates.

BAND MEMBERS: Alex Choo – Lead vocals / Guitar; Ash Maxwell – Guitar / Backing vocals; James Langbridge – Bass; Alfie Powell – Drums / Vocals.


Irrepressible UK metal crew ‘K-Lacura’ are set to unleash their crushing debut album in Spring.

The  quintet set loose their tempestuous assault on the UK with the release of their debut album ‘Portraits of the Faceless’ on 16th April 2012, through all good digital outlets.

K-Lacura were founded in Didcot, Oxon in 2006 by school friends Stephen Stone (Bass) and Mark Lambourne (Drums), and fellow comrades Neil Raynor (Rhythm Guitar), Iann Gillian (Vocals) and Phillip Greenaway (Lead Guitar). The savy five-piece knew the script and what they wanted to create—a band that was not only energetic and exciting, but also burly and progressive. After countless rehearsals and intense writing, the diligent combo crafted a sound that is an enticing blend of edgy metal that undoubtedly delivers a strapping blow.

Now ascending through the ranks of the UK metal scene, K-Lacura are beginning to gain a glowing reputation for their full-bodied live performances that demonstrate the crew’s passion and devotion. By playing a host of shows throughout the spine of England, the Southern Metallers have managed to bag support slots with Glamour Of The Kill, Chthonic, and Ghosts Of A Thousand, as well as playing a cluster of headline shows along the way.

Pooling influence from the likes of Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, and August Burns Red, through to RATM and Limp Bizkit, K-Lacura offer a fresh outlook on the metal/metalcore crossover genre. In their debut record, entitled Portraits Of The Faceless,’ the band have tailored a sound and laid down a body of work that instantly goes for the jugular and bursts with blistering brutality and wizard riffery. The album offers ten stout cuts of prime metal, oozing ferocious beats, inventive licks, and hearty vocals that come raging out of your speakers with vicious power. The assiduous posse will take their new record on the road again this Spring, hitting the UK at every angle. Check out the band’s Facebook page for updated tour dates and prepare yourself for some sweat-drenched live action!


Hardcore Metallers ‘Envy The Fallen’ unveil their spectacular debut EP ‘Hoist The Colours’ through all digital stores on 19th March 2012.

In their powerhouse debut record ‘Hoist The Colours‘, Envy The Fallen have served up a burly slice of resourceful Metalcore with an astute blend of dynamism and blatant raw power. The hotly-tipped Brit-Metallers have soaked up influence ranging from the likes of Parkway Drive and The Ghost Inside, and have clearly noted their own mark on proceedings.

Formed in the surf capital of the UK – Newquay, Envy The Fallen are prepared to take the music scene by the scruff of its neck with their debut record and full blown UK touring assault scheduled for the Spring. With key supports slots with the likes of Evergreen Terrace, Feed The Rhino, Brotherhood Of The Lake, Lower Than Atlantis and TRC wrapped under their belts, and with recent national critical acclaim from Big Cheese Magazine (where the high-flying newcomers were featured on the cover CD), Envy The Fallen are now braced to take their boisterous live show throughout the heart of England and beyond.

Stocked with an explosive debut EP that undoubtedly delivers, the surf-coasters have created an engrossing record. From the off, ‘The Brave One’ is a blistering full frontal blast of Thrashcore
with soaring guitar parts and sledge-hammer beats. As the EP moves on, ‘Hoist The Colours’ showcases the band’s sturdy roots and is suitably capped with hooky shout-outs and weaving dynamics. ‘Until Lambs Become Lions’ continues to display the southern metalheads’ shrewd craft for shaping a gargantuan beast of a tune, and as ‘The Ending’ stomps its way through your cranium, leaving you with a sizable indent, Envy The Fallen are sure to leave their mark.