Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On – 40th Anniversary

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On – 40th Anniversary

Release Date: 27-Jun-2011

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s seminal Motown classic What’s Going On, Universal are proud to present this exclusive Super Deluxe Edition. A meditative act of artistic rebellion, What’s Going On broke the Motown mould. The album introduced Marvin Gaye, the company’s sexy prince, as an uncompromising singer, songwriter and producer. From the first day of release, the unique concept album was recognized as a masterwork; his lyrics, stories and grooves remain timeless. This 40th Anniversary edition has coupled the much adored music with the wonders of modern day mastering to produce an unparalleled and previously unattainable insight into Marvin’s showpiece.

The set, which focuses on Marvin’s LP and post-LP Detroit recordings, includes a fully remastered version of What’s Going On including original mono hit singles; the original, rejected, “no strings” mix of the title track; several post-album outtakes; his single sequel, “You’re The Man”; and a series of recordings, mostly instrumental, made in Detroit before Marvin followed Motown to Los Angeles. The Motor City theme of this edition continues on the included 12-inch: the LP’s rare, original “Detroit Mix,” on vinyl for the first time.

The overall package also includes rare and unseen photography from throughout the recording process and the detailed and remarkable story behind What’s Going On. Overall the set provides not only an essential piece of Marvin Gaye history for fans but a unique and comprehensive insight into one of the world’s most cherished albums for any Motown fan.

Marvin Gaye influenced so many artists and fans alike, a few have given their views on the great man regarding the release,

KIM CARNES:  A couple of years ago, I was over in the UK at the BBC doing an interview for my latest album.  They asked me to give them a list of my Top 10 all-time favorite songs and over the next couple of weeks they would play them.  “What’s Going On” was in that Top 10.  The first time halfway through that album you were like, “Oh my God.  What is this?  It’s amazing.”  It just raises the bar so high for anything else out there.  It just doesn’t get any better.  It’s timeless music by an artist with so, so much soul.  What’s Going On blows me away whenever I hear it now.  I’m not left with a feeling of hopelessness.  I am definitely left with a feeling of hope.  There’s a place at the top of the ladder for an artist like Marvin Gaye.  He’s at the very top.  To encompass all that he was, that doesn’t come along very often.  The truly great artists know who they are, so an album is going to be cohesive.  They won’t let themselves write a song or record a song that doesn’t reflect who they are.  Start to finish, What’s Going On is cohesive.  Those songs in particular were timeless.

GEORGE JOHNSON / The Brothers Johnson:  Such a loving and spiritual insight for all people, Marvin Gaye was given to us to reveal “What’s Going On” in the world.  It’s way ahead of its time and still holds up today.  Yes, Marvin really cared and left this concept of life in all of our hearts.  “Save the Children”!

MARGIE JOSEPH: When What’s Going On came out, it was during the Vietnam War.  I knew a lot of people who had been deployed in the service.  I lost a lot of classmates.  Back then, we still were dealing with civil rights.  I believe it means a lot to all of us but especially to the oppressed people at that time.  It was an in-season, right-on-time type of album.  I think Marvin was pouring out his soul and his heart.  Marvin was asking not just a rhetorical question but a direct question for all of us to think about — do we really know what’s going on?  It was a beautiful, wonderful melody.  The tempo was out of sight.  It was a remarkable song.  When I hear it now, it’s almost like everything in the world has repeated itself.  I’m seeing this happening again.  When we have loved ones and soldiers who are dying, the question is still unanswered — what’s going on?

MELBA MOORE:  Marvin sang and wrote songs that still hold the test of time in 2011.  Marvin was way ahead of his time.  His vision never failed him.  “What’s Going On” is my favorite Marvin Gaye recording to date.  It was Powerful.

CARLY SIMON:  I remember standing on the Sunset Strip waiting to get into the Troubadour and feeling the street pounding with the rhythm section playing on “brother brother brother”.  It’s as if the electric bass had just been born, and sound systems in cars had been catapulted into a new era.  Marvin Gaye had forged so many political, musical and sonic revolutions with this album.  We were all in awe and thrill.  Still are.

DONNA SUMMER: As a freedom fighter and song writer Marvin Gaye had the soul of a revolutionary drenched in the passion of a poet.  It seemed every word was gleaned and processed through the spectrum of love, desire and pain.  There is an urgency in his music that resounds in every heart that has ever heard it.  MARVIN made me know the power of the spoken word.  MARVIN knew that war never wins and LOVE never fails.  His words still hold true when we see the world in all of its complexity.  It still leaves us asking, OH WHAT’S GOING ON!!!!!!  WHAT’S GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!?


MARTYN WARE / Heaven 17:  Having had the pleasure of covering the magnificent “I Want You’ as a producer for BEF, I can honestly say that my creative life would have been entirely changed for the worse had I not been guided by the brilliance of Marvin Gaye’s work.  His honesty, his concern for his fellow man, his social conscience, his daring, his musicianship and, above all, the amazing tool of direct communication between his soul and ours – his voice  – all enriched our lives and gave us so much to aspire to.  I am still in complete awe of his mastery of his craft, and in particular, What’s Going On is such a fantastic piece of beauty and relevance that it must be in most people’s top 5 soul albums of all time – it’s certainly in mine.  Marvin, thanks for enriching my life.


•2 CD/12” LP vinyl High End Deluxe Box Set

•E-Album equivalent

•Original Printed Lyrics

•Detailed story behind the album What’s Going On.

•Exclusive images of Marvin Gaye throughout the recording


•Much of the material has never been released and are

remixed, reworked alternate versions of Marvin Gaye’s


•Focus is on Marvin’s LP and post-LP Detroit recordings.

•Double gatefold 12” jacket (last panel has cut outs to hold the



Mike Oldfield – Incantations: Deluxe Edition






   The legend that is Mike Oldfield has created music that has inspired more than can be ever calculated, his works being some of the most ethereal, passionate, and spiritual ever heard. His 1973 groundbreaking genre forming Tubular Bells reached the senses and hearts of a public that turned into an ongoing loyal international following which is second to none.

When Oldfield’s Virgin Catalogue moved to Mercury in 2008, he and the label worked closely on the re-release of his masterworks from the 70s and 80s, ensuring the highest standard of remastered quality for their release.

The fourth instalment in this catalogue of reissues is Incantations and will be released on July 25th.  Originally released in November 1978, Incantations was Oldfield’s first and only studio double album. Comprising of four parts of the title track, it was a masterpiece of minimalism, with Oldfield again playing many of the instruments, with old friends including David Bedford conducting the choir and orchestra, Pierre Moerlen on drums and Mike’s sister Sally on vocals.

Remastered by Oldfield himself, the packages contain a variety of rare material; including a brand new 5.1 mix on DVD, as was on the previous reissues of Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge  and  Ommadawn, as well as footage from Oldfield’s 1979 concert tour that supported the album. Both CD formats also include ‘Guilty’, Oldfield’s legendary 1979 single recorded in New York City at the height of the disco movement.

500 copies of the vinyl version of Incantations have been signed by Mike Oldfield and are available, as is the standard vinyl, exclusively through

With artwork overseen by Oldfield and extensive notes, Incantations is the marvellous next instalment of Mike Oldfield’s compelling catalogue.


The different Incantations Editions available are :

MIKE OLDFIELD: “Incantations”


1.       Incantations Part One

2.       Incantations Part Two

3.       Incantations Part Three

4.       Incantations Part Four

Remastered 1978 stereo mix

5.       Guilty (7-inch single version)


MIKE OLDFIELD: “Incantations”


CD One: 

1.       Incantations Part One

2.       Incantations Part Two

3.       Incantations Part Three

4.       Incantations Part Four

Remastered 1978 stereo mix

5.       Guilty (7-inch single version)

CD Two:

1.       Diana

2.       Northumbrian

3.       Piano Improvisation

4.       Hiawatha

5.       Canon for Two Vibraphones

Selections from “Incantations” – 2011 stereo mixes by Mike Oldfield

6.       William Tell Overture

A-side of single – Released February 1977

7.       Cuckoo Song

8.       Pipe Tune

A & B sides of single – Released November 1977

9.       Wrekorder Wrondo

Taken from the “Take 4” 12-inch EP – Released in December 1978

10.   Guilty

2011 stereo mix by Mike Oldfield 

11.   Diana – Desiderata (previously unreleased)

2011 stereo mix by Mike Oldfield

  Disc Three – DVD

5.1 Surround Sound Mixes by Mike Oldfield:

1.       Diana

2.       Northumbrian

3.       Piano Improvisation

4.       Hiawatha

5.       Canon for Two Vibraphones

6.       Guilty

Visual content:

William Tell Overture 

Promotional video 1977

Incantations Parts 1 & 2

Incantations Parts 3 & 4

Recorded live at Wembley Conference Centre 1979


Promotional video 1979  


MIKE OLDFIELD: “Incantations”


Side One 

Incantations Part One  

Side Two 

Incantations Part Two 

Side Three 

Incantations Part Three 

Side Four 

Incantations Part Four


  Once more it is time for the wonderful In The Woods Festival, and for London band Laurel Collective for the sixth year running to put on and host their unique festival set in beautiful secret forest surroundings.

The event is gaining a deserved reputation for having the best breaking artists, and this year is destined to be no exception. Artists already confirmed include Laurel Collective, Pete and the Pirates, Man Like Me, and Three Trapped Tigers amongst many, with more to be added.

With many other attractions including DJs battles in the all night Silent Disco, the In The Woods Cinema, and performances by the When I Live: Contemporary Dance Company, official affiliates of Saddlers Wells, this is an event like no other and is why In The Woods is rapidly becoming one of the essential music parties of the year.

In The Woods is on Saturday 3rd September and limited to 500 tickets. The location of the event in a secret woodland location in Kent is only revealed to those buying and receiving tickets. To attend you must join the festival mailing list and receive a personal ticket invitation at:

Prices are:

Adults: £35

Children (6-12 years): £15

Children (0-5 years): Free

*Camping is included in the ticket price.

For more information on the In The Wood festival contact or

Metal Fringe 2011

August sees the debut of Metal Fringe 2011, a metal weekend festival that is part of the Leeds Fringe. Eighteen of the best local bands come together over three days to raise money for Martin House Children’s Hospice.
Friday August 19th is alternative rock night and sees Down The Machine with their impressive rock sound headline ably supported by Lifescreen, The Boneyard, and Sea of Furious Lizards.   

Saturday August 20th sees the best metal bands in the area coming together led by the brilliant Mishkin with support from the likes of AB Negative and Crysis.

Sunday August 21st closes the trio of nights with headliners  Karma Slaves sharing the stage with bands like Propane Penny and Little Blackhearts.

Metal Fringe Leeds 2011 takes place at the brand new,city centre based, live music venue, Empire. Tickets for the event, which cost £5 for a full weekend ticket, will be available from a number of Leeds music outlets as well as various online retailers from Monday 11 July.

The RingMaster Review highly recommends supporting this great event for not only the real pleasure of seeing the very best in Yorkshire rock together, for the support of a very worthy cause, but also to help make the event the first of many years to come.

For full details of ticket sales and announcements about the event, visit the MF2011 website or like them on Facebook –

Pete RingMaster 02/07/2011