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Immension release new video!‏


Immension - Promo Shot
Flaunting speed slabs of melodic metal and riffs as dense as the basaltic layer, ‘Immension’ have an incessant intensity and are geared to parade their message to everyone within ear shot. The Sheffield metal crew have pooled influences from In Flames and Metallica, and have crafted a sound that is primed for ascendant in 2013. The band release their self-titled Ep on 7th January and they have just released the video for ‘Shadow Of Yourself’, check it out at and look up the band’s page for live dates over at

Born out of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, the very original seeds of Immension were sown over five years ago when founding members, vocalist/guitarist Jake Kearsley and lead axeman Tim Dolan, started to trade riffs with one another. For the next few years Immension struggled, largely due to a series of unreliable members serving as their rhythm section. However, all of this changed last year when tub-thumper, Jonni Sowter, and bassist, Hasan Ahmed, entered the fray and everything finally fell into place for the emerging metal crew.

With a solid line-up in place, the band soon began to play a barrage of shows throughout the country, ripping up stages from London to Leeds, and everywhere in between. Now having honed their live sound, Immension hit the studio to lay down tracks for their self-titled debut EP, and it’s a hidden gem.

The forthcoming EP takes shape with the pounding riffage of ‘Shadow Of Yourself’; a potent opener for the Yorkshire metallers, the track suitably displays the four piece’s impressive dual prong guitar attack and dynamism. Next, the high velocity fret-flurries and Slayer-esque beatings of ‘Lost & Forgotten’ go straight for the throat, while the slow-burning ‘In Vain’ further highlights the quartet’s guile. Armed with a strong and stout EP, it’s evident that the Sheffield metallers are poised for a heady climb next year.

EP TRACKLISTING: 1. Shadow Of Yourself; 2. Lost & Forgotten; 3. In Vain.

BAND MEMBERS: Jake Kearsley – Vocals / Guitar; Tim Dolan – Lead Guitar; Jonni Sowter – Drums; Hasan Ahmed – Bass Guitar.

FOR FANS OF: In Flames, Metallica, Arch Enemy.


When We Were Wolves ‘Hounds’ Video

 South Welsh post-hardcore nuts ‘WHEN WE WERE WOLVES’ have announced the debut release of their spanking new video.

When We Were Wolves Low res Promo shot (1)
 Entitled ‘Hounds’ and featuring Phil Cross, the video is taken from the band’s breathtaking debut EP, ‘The More Things Change, We More We Stay The Same’, which is out in stores on 14th January 2013.
Hit up the video at and check out the band’s Facebook page for show updates @ 

When We Were Wolves have fashioned a brand of post-hardcore that will blast its way through your skull, pull at your heartstrings, and truly make you think, all in one sitting. Displaying a passionate approach to song-writing united with meaningful lyrical content, rhythmic hooks, and tactfully layered, pristinely melodic and aggressively raw vocals, the band are destined for national recognition in 2013.

Now with the release of their debut EP ‘The More Things Change, The More We Stay The Same’ the band are prised to elevate themselves to a national level. From the eerie atmospheric and emotive ‘All Good People Must Come To An End’, to the undeniably powerful and contagious ‘Under The Water’, and from the gut-wrenching shout outs of ‘This Is Where We Belong’, it’s abundantly clear that the band mean every single note, beat, and word that they produce. The record continues in stellar form with the stompingly dynamic ‘Your Sick Fantasy’ before climatically closing with the breathtaking ‘Hounds’, which features Phil Cross teaming up with the band on vocals. Aided with the national release of the EP and with a multitude of touring planned for the rest of this year and into 2013, When We Were Wolves will soar.!/W4_Official

EP TRACKLISTING: 1. All Good People Must Come To An End; 2. Under The Water; 3. This Is Where We Belong; 4. Your Sick Fantasy; 5. Hounds (featuring Phil Cross).

BAND MEMBERS: Mitch Bock – Vocals; Steve French – Guitars; Rhod Evans – Guitars; Ben Taylor – Bass; Josh Baker – Drums.

FOR FANS OF: Of Mice & Men, A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive.