The Cellophane Flowers new album Staring At The World to be released December 3rd

The Cellophane Flowers new album Staring At The World to be released December 3rd‏

Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music
 -“Female-fronted slightly offkilter driving pop from London.

Electric Banana – “Staring At The World is an eclectic collection of everything right within indie music. From mysterious otherworldly swells to the no nonsense drive of honest rock The Cellophane Flowers enlists a great future promise” 5/5

Ringmaster Review – “Staring at The World engages thoughts and imagination like the sun invites the day, with warm mesmeric charm veined with heated enterprise. The Cellophane Flowers is a unique melodic joy to soundtrack steamy days and sultry nights.

The Cellophane Flowers are a four piece hailing from all different corners of the world, but settled in London, have taken elements of an eclectic variety of different music and influences to create a gorgeous anthology of sensational indie pop. The album was produced by Dave Allen (The Cure / Depeche Mode / Human League / The Charlatans), and it’s a great continuation from the critical success gained from their recent EP If I Was A Girl, which came out last year.

The ‘Flowers are the masters of driving, quirky pop. Their songs reflect an eclectic array of influences from tribal drumming to West Coast alt-rock to the dark tinge of 80’s pop. Though bustling with ideas, the band leaves the sublime vocals of singer Francesca Corradini with the room to bring their songs to life – there are no superfluous special effects, the organic feel of the music would be perfectly suited to vinyl, a fact that hasn’t escaped the band who always give their CD artwork an LP look and feel.

Staring at the World offers beautiful, delicate vocals infused with haunting melodies, encapsulated in splendour and driven by passion and bursting with modern day tales. If you’re searching for a delicious new album that’s reminiscent of PJ Harvey, The Smiths, The Magic Numbers and the National, thenStaring at the World was made for you.

In their own words, the band explain:

“The ‘Flowers are a force to be reckoned with, leaving unsuspecting audience members dazed and enthused through their whirlwind of sounds, instrument swapping and short but incredibly sweet live sets.”

The Cellophane Flowers are highly excited and very proud of their latest collection, and Nick states:

Creating this album and working with Dave is the most inspiring thing we’ve ever done. We’ve properly mixed it up with our approach to each song – it’s an ‘album’ so we wanted to get the variety of what we do in there. But it’s all held together with some dark lyrics, great hooks and catchy melodies. “

Staring at the World Tracklisting:
1. Voices
2. The Promise
3. Pendulum Eyes
4. Forever Lost
5. Tears of a Clown
6. Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. Belinda
8. Time
9. Lucky Day
10. In a Hole

More Praise for Staring at the World:

For Folk Sakes – “It has a homage to Phil Spector…then morphs into a haze of lo-fi production which is lovely to fall into.

Music She Blogged – “This album is fantastic. Mixing elements of folk (harmonica!) with 80’s space-pop and only the good parts of the alt rock genre of today.

Gold Flake Paint – “a fresh-faced blast of subtle art-rock driven forward by the charmingly unique vocals of Francesca Corradini

To keep up to date with the band, check out:

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