Zombichrist will be released in 6 days!

On October 13th Virus Cycle will be celebrating the release of the new album Zombichrist by holding a open forum web chat athttp://www.stickam.com/viruscycle . You can ask the band questions during the web chat or you may send them to viruscycle@gmail.com.
We will have 3 signed copies of Zombichrist to give away! So everyone who sends in a question will be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of Zombichrist at the end of the web chat. 

Zombichrist will be available for FREE download at www.viruscycle.com andwww.bluntfacerecords.com starting October 13th, we will also have the physical album available for $6.00.

Here is the Facebook Event link:

And make sure you watch the BRAND NEW music video!!
The BRAND NEW music video for Virus Cycle’s Why don’t you love me? is now out! Why Don’t You Love Me is the initial single from Zombichrist and the video perfectly captures the aura of the music.
To watch the video either click the link above or click HERE.

Directed by Russell Rocheleau & produced by Rockwater Pictures. It’s an amazing piece of art and is the perfect thing to hold you over for a few days until you can get your hands on Zombichrist. 

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