CIRCLE OF REASON’s ‘A Favour For A Stranger’, out Monday 3rd December‏




Evocative UK Alt-Rock crew ‘Circle Of Reason’ release their hard-hitting

EP ‘A Favour For A Stranger’ on Monday 3rd December.


Formed in 2009 in the far reaches of the South West, Circle of Reason are an Alt-Rock, Prog band who’s sound calls to mind the carefully layered webby depths of ‘Smashing Pumpkins’, meshed with the accessibility of ‘Silverchair’ at the peak of their powers. A versatile band, Circle of Reason entice its fans down a cleverly laid out pathway towards marching, galloping high energy sound. Acutely marrying thoughtful, visceral guitar parts, pounding drums, and warm, alluring vocals, they create something sweepingly fast-paced and melodic that is at once compelling and highly irresistible.

With a penchant for touring and performing live, Circle of Reason have played alongside bands such as Girlschool, Fighting with Wire, Freeze the Atlantic, and The Smoking Hearts, all across the UK. Their music is a potent calling for fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Silverchair, and Queens of The Stone Age.

The band now release a brand new 3 track EP entitled ‘A Favour For A Stranger’ this December. Two of the included tracks, ‘Chasing the Sun’ and ‘Sea of Voices’ have already garnered attention, having been previously released as video singles, receiving airplay on Kerrang! TV, Scuzz, and Lava TV.

The remaining track, “Silver Scene”, will also be released as a video single in conjunction with the EP; check it out now at .

Comprised of hypnotic and supremely orchestrated guitar riffs, crashing drums, and steady pulsing rhythms, ‘A Favour For A Stranger’ is primed to be a sure-fire crowd pleaser, well deserving of the plaudits and praise it is poised to receive.


TRACKLISTING: 1. Chasing The Sun; 2. Silver Scene; 3. Sea Of Voices.

BAND MEMBERS: Gary – Guitar; Simon – Singer/Guitar; Sam – Bass/Backing vocals; Andy – Drums.

FOR FANS OF: Muse, Silverchair, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, and Queens of The Stone Age.

PRESS CONTACT: Garry Hutchinson / SaN PR. / 07834713232.

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