Introducing 6008 Days.

Ex-Secret Sphere singer Roberto Messina has introduced his new project, rock band 6008 Days.


Officially announcing his split from Secret Sphere, Messina’s and his new band are working on their debut album with first single/video “The Bad Day” due in October. The video has been made in collaboration with video-artist-director Antonio Masiello.

6008 Days is made up of experienced musicians (ex-Secret Sphere/ Alkemyst – Lucky Bastards members) with years of published discography and international tours between them. With a sound as energetic and vibrant in style as the likes of Alterbridge, Shinedown, and Foo Fighters, 6008 Days is a band ready to push the boundaries of rock.

Roberto “Ramon” Messina parted ways with Italian power metallers Secret Sphere   in March of this year  due to musical differences. He spent 12 years with the band releasing six successful albums in that time.

Secret Sphere issued the following statement upon Messina’s departure:
We are very thankful for what Roberto did for the band during all these years, we are friends before musicians, he was with us since the beginning and the fans are really closed to his voice. The split happened during the recordings of the seventh album, but in a friendly way we wish Roberto all the best for his future.

Watch this space for more info from 6008 Days in the coming weeks

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