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Liar Liar release debut EP ‘He Said, She Said’, on 5th November‏



‘Liar Liar’ release their debut record ‘He Said, She Said’ on Monday 5th November, through all digital sources.

UK Melodic Punksters ‘Liar Liar’ come at you with a hooky hybrid sound that melds ‘Blink 182’ with Brit tunesmiths ‘You Me At Six’; the result is strikingly contagious and ultimately alluring.

Liar Liar were formed in Sheffield at the turn of the year when old friends Joe Daniels (Vocals/Guitars) and Jack Dudill (Drums) joined forces with Liam Bates (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Jake Lawton (Guitars). The aspiring foursome soon began to kick out the jams, penning a barrage of songs. After numerous rehearsals and extensive writing, the energised quartet set off playing a host of shows throughout the region, amassing a solid following in the process, and supporting London punks ‘Paige’ and ‘Summerlin’ along the way.

With the bar raised, the Yorkshire tunesters hit the studio over the Summer to lay down tracks for their debut record ‘He Said, She Said’ and the irrepressible punks emerged with a true declaration of intent. The band have produced a record that boasts four pounding tracks crammed with upbeat guitar parts and melody drenched choruses so infectious it’ll require an exorcist to release them from your head. From the ridiculously catchy ‘Heart Attack,’ through to the anthemic ‘It Doesn’t Take A Hero,’ Liar Liar have fashioned a supremely tuneful debut  that is steeped with killer hooks and buoyant energy!

TRACKLISTING: 1. Heart Attack; 2. High N’ Low; 3. People Never Change; 4. It Doesn’t Take A Hero.

BAND MEMBERS: Joe Daniels – Vocals/Guitars; Liam Bates – Bass Guitar/Vocals; Jake Lawton – Guitars; Jack Dudill – Drums.

FOR FANS OF: You Me At Six, Blink 182, New found Glory, and Motion City Soundtrack.

DEPTH ‘Waiting For The Waves’, coming out on 29th October.‏



Rising UK rock upstarts ‘Depth’ are braced to up the ante with a full blown UK touring assault and blistering new EP ‘Waiting For The Waves’, due for national release on 29th October through all digital stores.

Originally spawned in 2006, Depth spent their early years cutting their teeth in their parent’s garages carving out a hat full of cover versions.  Fast forward to the present day, and the spirited four-piece have expeditiously sharpened their own song-writing prowess, and are now an experienced touring Post-hardcore unit. For the past four years, Depth have shredded their fair share of tarmacs throughout the heart of the UK and have joined stages with the likes of The Undertones, My Passion, Exit Ten, Don Broco, and Everything Burns. During this time, the quartet also unleashed their highly impressive debut album ‘Situations Fulfilled’ to much critical acclaim. Snaring national praise from many quarters, from Kerrang! Magazine and Rocksound, through to Big Cheese and XFM, the record helped the band to amass a dedicated fan-base.

Depth now stride onwards with a monstrous follow-up to their debut album. Their new EP ‘Waiting For The Waves’ oozes soaring hooks and rip-roaring riffage, and gleams with honesty and raucous energy. The record instantly sprints out of the blocks and springs into life with the rampant ‘All I Know’. It then suitably kicks on with the anthemic muscular beatings of the EP’s title track ‘ Waiting For The Waves, before it caps off the EP with the melody-soaked refrains of ‘Whispers’, that aided by ear-shattering pounding rhythms will remain permanently fixated in your head. With further touring in the works for the late summer/autumn period in support of the EP and imminent recording in the pipeline, Depth are ready to rise.

Coalescing the old school metal riffery of Iron Maiden with the contagious nonce and craft of A Day To Remember and Killswitch Engage, Depth have cultivated a sound that will blow your face clean off. The infectious riff merchants have all the right tools in place to set loose their spanking new record ‘Waiting For the Waves’, as they bring their party to the pit this summer.


“DEPTH show a lot of potential and passion for their music” – Big Cheese

 “Superb vocal melodies and catchy riffs, recalling the Blackout’s more hummable moments” – Kerrang! 

TRACKLISTING: 1. All I Know; 2. Hope In Mind; 3. Waiting For The Waves; 4. Second Chances; 5. Whispers.

FOR FANS OF: A Day To Remember, Funeral For A Friend and Killswitch Engage.



Feeder – ‘BEAT THE BULL’‏

To celebrate the release of Feeders new single ‘Idaho‘ (out this week) the band have launched their very own game. The object of the game is to stay on the Bucking Bronco for as long as possible. Check out the new video for ‘Idaho‘ and it will all make sense.

2500 Points – Free Download of album track ‘Headstrong’
5000 Points – Free Download of Rare B-side ‘Along The Avenues’
7500 Points – Free Download Exclusive of ‘Idaho’ (Instrumental)

Play the game @


RAVEN LORD Announces New Guitarist‏

Multinational heavy metal weights RAVEN LORD have announced the addition of guitarist George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) to the group’s ranks.

George Karafotis comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. Born in March 1993, he started taking guitar lessons at the age of 11 by guitarmaster Laki Ragazas (Devil’s Train, Mystic Prophecy).The band states, “We just started working with George and things are running smooth. He is a team player and definitely fits the bill for RAVEN LORD; this guy got music and metal in his blood“.


There will be even more information about George the coming weeks in the new band member profile sections on our official website.


Stefan Lindholm (VINDICTIV) – Lead Guitar
George Karafotis (VERMILLION DAYS, OPERATION X) – Guitar
Jamie Mallender (TONY MARTIN) – Bass
Pontus Larsson (VINDICTIV, FIRECRACKER) – Keyboards

RAVEN LORD’s debut album “Descent To The Underworld” was recently mixed by Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Nightrage, In Flames, Dream Evil and Opeth) of Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden and mastered by Maor Applebaum (Sepultura, Yngwie Malmsteen, Halford, Adrenaline Mob) at Maor Applebaum Mastering in Los Angeles, California, USA.

RAVEN LORD is a sextet of quality musicians with backgrounds steeped in heavy metal history. Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather studded sleeves, RAVEN LORD combine the classic metal feel of the past with a modern edge of the present. Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums with razor sharp riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create powerful and memorable songs. The music that RAVEN LORD brings to you simply stuns – no pretensions – just one hell of a metal entertainment.

With the album in the pipeline, the band is already attracting attention from labels and heavyweight producers who are all eager to get involved. RAVEN LORD are priming themselves to deliver the most metallic carnage across the globe.

SEBASTOPOL unveil new video

SEBASTOPOL release their debut album, HELLO ALL STATIONS, THIS IS ZERO via Warm Fuzz on Sept 3rd with the single from the album, Send the Boats  the week before.

The band release the single  from the album next week with an accompanying video directed by Andrew Marshall who has shot music promos for many bands including Placebo, Skunk Anansie and Radiohead, and directed animated shorts starring John Hurt and Doug Bradley.

The release was recorded at Drop Out Studios in Camberwell and mixed by legendary post punk producer Mick Glossop (Van Morrison, Magazine, Public Image, The Wonder Stuff) and mastered at Skye Mastering by Denis Blackham.

Sebastopol’s sparse and atmospheric sound has been described as like a modern, darker reboot of The Police, incorporating elements of dub, post-punk, gothic dream pop, and even 1970s French rock.

The band consists of Nick Powell on vocals and bass, Phil Richards on guitar and Tom Standage on drums. The album’s title is a wartime radio call-sign from the 1940s, signalling the start of a message. For the band it has the double meaning of introducing a simpler and starker musical approach. The album contrasts upbeat melodies with lyrical themes dominated by imagery of failure, loss, water and rebirth. Also, vampires and Zeppelins.

The album has been almost two years in the making from concept to final mixes. The concept? Now there’s a story…It all started with the sharks. Sent to a remote island off Nova Scotia in 2010 to make a film about shark attacks on seals, documentary-maker Nick Powell found himself stranded for a week when bad weather prevented aircraft from landing to pick him up. He returned to his first love of music and began writing songs inspired by his predicament. On his return to civilisation he called two of his old friends and told them it was time to make an album. They formed SEBASTOPOL to bring Nick’s songs to life. “Perhaps this explains why the lyrics have such strong themes of water, death and loss,” says Nick.

The band’s name “SEBASTOPOL” comes from the non-standard guitar tuning used throughout the album.  “Sound-wise, it’s a very dynamic album” says Phil. “Instead of producing everything to be as loud as possible, the songs retain a sense of musical ‘space’ which contributes to their intensity and makes them more engaging.”

The album’s artwork features an image of pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing, whose 100th birthday would have been in 2012, and who led the wartime code-cracking effort. “Turing has been in the air this year anyway, but there are such strong parallels between now and the 1940s, when he was doing his work,” says Tom. “The 1940s was a time of economic austerity, yet at the same time a computer revolution was underway, and with the advent of the atom bomb optimism about technology had given way to fear of its consequences.”

Watch the video for Send the Boats below:

or @

“…great songs, intelligent arrangements and dynamic performances….it deserves all the credit and success it will undoubtedly receive.” – MICK GLOSSOP

“Sebastopol are way ahead of any other new band I’ve ever mastered. They have it all, great lyrics, great playing, great ideas, and great production. The world should hear Sebastopol, and enjoy.” – DENIS BLACKHAM

“Their new debut album is even better and captures their live energy. This band has definitely got something very special going on!” — IAN SHAW

Deadend In Venice Launches ‘Pledge Music’ Campaign To Record Second Album‏

German melodic death metallers DEAEND IN VENICE launches ‘Pledge Music‘ Campaign to record the second album. After two great years and good response on the first album “See you on the ground“, the band planning the next step and the project is called “A view from above“.


From the band:

Through PledgeMusic you get the possibility to be a part of it! Share the project through facebook or twitter. Whatever way you want to help us spreading the information and raise the possibility to realize “A view from above”. Thanks to all of you!

Pledge Project:

With their partly traditional Gothenburg style combined with Metalcore influences the sound got kind of unique. Female Voices and the power of Melodic Death Metal once was the aim. Now it got so much more! Watch out!

Deadend In Venice is: Annabell Klein (fem. vocals), Christian Litzba (Growls), Tim Schmidtke (Guitar), Kevin Klein (Guitar), Andreas Ackermann (Bass), Frank Koppe (Drums)

Blood Red Shoes unleash incredible muscle-bulging video for ‘In Time To Voices’

Blood Red Shoes unleash their incredible new video for the single ‘In Time to Voices’ which is released on August 27th via V2/Co-Operative Music


Blood Red Shoes guitarist and vocalist Laura-Mary Carter arm wrestles one of the UK’s most successful body builders in their stunning new video for ‘In Time To Voices’, their brand new single that is released on Monday 27th August via V2/Co-Operative Music.

The Beauty and the Beast style arm-wrestling match held in a seedy backroom bar sees Laura-Mary take on muscle man Craig Lee who sits firm at number 11 in the rankings of the most successful body builders in the UK.

Shot like a film by director Craig Murray, with practical effects by Sunita Parmer (Hobbit, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and additional foley work from Adam Mendez (Slumdog Millionaire, Judge Dread, 127 Hours), Laura-Mary fights her way out of a male dominated situation whilst drummer Steven Ansell cleans up the bets once his singer does the dirty work with a swift (and sore looking) high heel move.

Speaking on how this came to fruition, Ansell says: “We got in touch with an old friend of ours, Craig Murray, who we’ve known for years from the punk scene but never worked with before…. his first video for us is our favourite one to date! No surprise really as punk rockers always do it better.”

Check out the video below:

‘In Time To Voices’ is the third single and title track to be released from Blood Red Shoes’ critically-acclaimed album that was released earlier this year. This rocking, upbeat track was written by Laura-Mary whilst Steven “popped out to the shops to buy more wine” and is the only Blood Red Shoes track to ever have a guitar solo.


The Brighton duo play the main stage at both Reading and Leeds Festivals this weekend which is nothing short of an honour for both of them:

Since we first played Reading and Leeds in 2007 we’ve seen stacks of hype bands come and go, appearing and disappearing overnight. Meanwhile, in that 5 years we’ve made 3 albums, played hundreds and hundreds of shows all over the world and have built a fan base the old school way. Getting to play the main stage this year is a teenage dream come true but more than that, we feel like we’ve earned it. We’ve earned our shot at playing to way more people than ever before. We are not gonna disappoint!


‘In Time To Voices’ is out now. You can see the band live on their European tour in October with The Gaslight Anthem. Blood Red Shoes also headline the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on January 22nd. Tickets available now from


Find Blood Red Shoes at