UK Rock trio Mortdelamer march forward with their mouth-watering mix of razor-sharp and dynamic Alt-Rock. Filled with enticing hooks and soaring guitar passages, the youthful upstarts continue their ascent with a series of UK shows and the release of their spanking new EP ‘Words Within The Wires’, out Monday 1st October 2012.

With a glut of influences stemming from the twisted dynamics and textures of Muse through to the melodic guile and wizardry of Biffy Clyro and Incubus, Mortdelamer have produced an enthralling sound that merges innovative ideas and hooky vocals, all underpinned by thoughtful edgy guitar work and intriguing off-kilter phrasing.

Born out of Swindon, Wiltshire in 2008 and comprised of childhood friends Joe Bishop (Bass Guitar) and Sean Ivens (Drums), along with Claire Sutton (Guitar, Vocals, and Keyboards), the formidable three piece wasted no time mapping out their manifesto. The band soon began to serve their time, not only in the recording studio, but on the road as well. Ever since their inception, Mortdelamer have toured relentlessly throughout the UK for the past four years, racking supports with InMe and Supergrass along the way; the threesome also hit Europe this Summer and have further dates in the pipeline for 2013.

Possessing an impressive recording output, the industrious trio released ‘The Man With Two Heads’ in 2010 and their EP ‘Leech’ last year; both records locked down solid underground support, garnering many new fans for the rising Rocksters. The band now tread untapped ground with their fantastic new EP ‘Words Within The Wires’, recorded by esteemed producer Jonny Renshaw (Devil Sold His Soul, Evita, Deaf Havana); the EP spews out five gigantic cuts from the contagious refrain and fretwork of ‘Pieces and Reasons’ to the dynamically ambient and infectious ‘Searching For Safety’. The progressive trio have gelled together an impressive record that is sure to transcend the underground and reward the Brit-rock crew with well-earned national status.


MORTDELAMER are in the middle of a series of live shows, check out the remaining dates below:

Dates: 28/07/12 – Calne Bike Meet; 04/08/12 – Rockende Eiche Festival, Germany; 06/08/12 – The Railway, Winchester; 07/08/12 – The Asylum 2, Birmingham; 08/08/12 – The Riverside, Selby; 09/08/12 – The Facebar, Reading; 11/08/12 – SOLAM Festival, Swindon; 12/08/12 – The Garage, Swansea; 16/08/12 – The Rolleston, Swindon (acoustic set); 18/08/12 – LAMB Fest, Ramsbury.

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