Southern Metal nuts ‘Kill The Conversation’ drop their ball-breaking new EP ‘Farewell For The Last Time’ on 4th September. Merging intense brutality and absorbing dynamics, it’s a forceful piece of real engaging metal.

Kill The Conversation were originally born at the tail-end of 2009 in Dorchester by five fiery individuals intent on crafting a sound that would inspire and attack the senses. Subsisting on a hearty diet of gargantuan riffs and pummelling hooks, Kill The Conversation have etched a sound that is both brutal and hard-hitting, yet still inventive; and that’s no easy task given the present over-saturation within the metalcore/metal genres. The band draw comparison to August Burns Red, Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, and Parkway Drive; although they’ve pulled from their influences, they’ve still managed to create a sound uniquely their own.

After a series of sweat-drenched UK shows throughout the south, sharing stages with Sepultura, Rise To Remain, Malefice, Revoker, and Anterior, and the release of their debut EP ‘Figure Of Speech’ which helped to lay key foundations for the band, Kill The Conversation have emerged from the underground with their new EP, ‘ Farewell For The Last Time ‘. The record is stuffed with pounding cuts and weaving dynamism and it’s definitely not for the meek. ‘Farewell For The Last Time’ is a potent piece of modern metal, displaying five ferocious tracks that are sure to thrust the band to the vanguard of the UK metal scene.

The band will also be releasing their stunning new video ‘Fold’, watch this space for further details.

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