Alex Kelly’s new album ‘Orange Circle’ is OUT NOW

Alex Kelly’s new album ‘Orange Circle’ is OUT NOW with the Album launch party @ The Bowery Electric on June 25th 

Alex Kelly, a ferociously creative artist, has just released her debut album ‘Orange Circle. In celebration of dropping her anthology of fantastic electric magic, Alex has arranged a launch party at the Bowery Electric, Monday June 25th @ 8pm. Joining Alex on stage will be  Kelsey Warren (Guitar). Howard Alper (Drums) & DJ Tiger, proving that this is definitely a show not to be missed. Launch party details below. 

Alex Kelly is an American singer/songwriter born in Queens New York. Formerly the lead singer of Robby Takacs’ (Goo Goo DollsAmungus. 

To expand on her sound, Alex collaborated with pILLOW tHEORY’s Kelsey Warren and engineer Justin Rose of GCR Audio.  The sassy dance-rock title track ‘Orange Circle’, is the first single to be released. The band will see the addition of Howard Alper on drums this coming season.

Listen to the title track below

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