F.K.Ü.: Signs with Napalm Records

The moshing beast F.K.Ü. (Freddy Krueger’s Underwear) has signed a contract with Napalm Records! An in-depth biography of this
extraordinary band is available below.

Larry / F.K.Ü. comments:
Greetings moshoholics!  
We are proud to announce that we have partnered up with the mighty Napalm Records in order to spread the message of mosh worldwide. We started off as a DIY band but have now reached the point where it is better for us to focus on the art and let someone else handle the business. We hope this will be a long and fruitful relationship and we know it will be very beneficial to all you moshoholics out there. We salute Napalm Records and look forward to releasing our 4th album. More details surrounding this release will be coming soon, so stay tuned…
Moshing regards,
Larry, Pete, Pat & Ted / F.K.Ü.”


F.K.Ü. first raised its ugly head back in 1987. But after just a handful of something that was supposed to be rehearsals but more resembled cheap beer and pizza fights, the band fell into a hiatus. It wasn’t until confronted with a strange guy called Larry in early 1997 that the band considered bringing the slumbering beast back to life again. After the overwhelming response of the 20-song demo “Beware of the Evil Underwear”recorded in 1998, the guys decided to put some more effort in, so they spent nine days in Dugout Studios with engineer Daniel Bergstrand to lay down the classic tracks that would come to complete their moshing magnum opus “Metal Moshing Mad”. The 22-track mosher showed the world that it’s still possibleto have good, friendly, violent fun and create music that makes you diving to get to the nearest mosh pit. After the release and some successful festival the band slowed down the pace as the members also paid their dues in other metal acts, taking up more and more of their precious moshing time.

In 2004, Larry, Pete, Pat and Ted realized that what the world really needed was another dose of their patented Horror Thrash Metal, and so began the making of their sophomore moshing masterpiece “Sometimes They Come Back… To Mosh”. Once again inspired by 80’s thrash and horror movies and of course,old issues of Metal Forces and cheap beer, “Sometimes They Come Back… To Mosh” thrashed and slashed its way into the metal fans veins and once they hadtasted this hot dish of destruction…they ended up begging for more!

After a bunch of awesome shows, including a short but sweet west coast US tour, they went back into the studio to make a new album. So in the summer of 2009, the mighty Horror Metal Moshing Machine released their third, most furious and outrageous effort to date, ”Where Moshers Dwell”. This album is  nothing short of prime neck-breaking, horror-inspired, sing-along thrash madness. 2010 and 2011 saw F.K.Ü. touring Sweden extensively and playing all major Swedish festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival, Metaltown, Getaway Rock Festival & House of Metal, to name a few. This year, 2012, the band has crawled back into their old boiler room to write and record album number 4. Unbeknownst to the world, they will soon unleash a full-blown moshocalypse.

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