Israeli power/epic metal band Desert give details on their next album.

Israeli power/epic metal band Desert announces a collaboration with Erez Yohanan on the next album!


The band gives the lowdown on the project, this is what they say:
“Oh yeah, it is officially ON!
Desert has entered an intensive process of preparing the next album.
We want it to be as good as it gets, so we though some help will be good for us!
To cut the bulls balls, Desert will be fully collaborating with Erez Yohanan, who will act as a producer of the entire album.
Erez is best known on the metal scene as the mastermind behind the excellent Amaseffer the oriental-prog metal band with great sound and awesome songs, and his works with bands like Orphaned Land, Xenolith and many others.
We are working closely, sharing ideas, working out arrangements, ideas, cool things to add, together.
Star of Delusive Hopes was fully produced abroad, in Italy/Sweden, since we found no way to achieve that modern European metal sound and feel without flying few thousand km north.
This time, we can safely say it is not necessary anymore! The album will be recorded and mixed in Israel, in best studios around, together with Erez, whose skills as a composer, drummer, engineer, producer, will allow us to recreate those insane ideas we have in our heads!
Some of the songs are 90% done, and we like what we hear!
Album mastering will take place at Bazement Studios (Germany) by Marcus Teske (worked with Vanden Plas, Firewind, Amaseffer, Mob Rules, Flower Kings, Ian Parry Consortium Project, Red Circuit, Neal Morse Testimony, Patrick Rondat and many other great acts).
So get ready to hear something you didn’t even dare to expect from Desert! It’s not gonna be a long wait for you and it sure is worth it!
Stay inspired,

Keep watching  for more news about the album as it happens. right here.

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