Empires Of Eden – Entire ‘Channelling the Infinite’ Album Samples Available For Streaming

Australian all star metal project Empires of Eden have released samples from the entire new album “Channelling the Infinite“, the songs can be streamed below:


From Avantasia to Ayreon and beyond, collaborations in metal typically prove to be more than the sum of their parts. This has been never been more true than in the case of Empires of Eden, a melodic metal project originating from Sydney, Australia and spanning the entire globe in its unprecedented scope.
Recent reviews state:
Roomthirteen.com – 12/13 – ” Consistently brilliant!”
Necroweb – 9.5/10 “nothing less than first class, melodic power metal”
Maximum Metal – 4/5 – “a pulsating power metal masterpiece with balls”
Metal-guide.eu – 9/10 “catchy, melodic, and full of groove”
The Metal Resource – 10/10 “this is indeed a killer album.”
Planetmosh.com – 9/10 – WOW! This is huge, I mean massive, I mean monstrous, I mean gargantuan…

Special presale packs available here: http://www.empiresofeden.com/store.htm
Masterminded by former Dungeon guitarist and ESP clinician Stu Marshall, Empires of Eden is characterised by a massive power metal sound, 30-piece orchestral score, and guest performances from some of the most celebrated musicians in the industry. Proving that neither oceans nor national boundaries are capable of stopping this explosive onslaught, Marshall has enlisted the participation of artists from all corners of the globe to assemble an army of veteran talent like no other.


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