Leeds new guns ‘Chasing Dragons’ are ploughing through the ranks with their exhilarating blend of edgy hard rock; imagine Brody Dalle fronting Avenged Sevenfold, crossed with the energetic delivery of Paramore. With beefy riffs, enticing hooks, and pounding beats, the band are ready to build their army of fans as they release their debut album ‘Take Flight For A Firefight’ on Monday 13th August.

Born in 2011 and bursting straight out of Leeds, Chasing Dragons comprise five fiery individuals from lead singer Tank spitting out potent vocal passages to Zebs and Mitch Sadler duelling with harmonious guitar licks, Ant Varenne handling the bass, and Tom Wheelwright laying out the jack-hammer beats. With a growing fan-base on the rise due to an onslaught of highly successful shows throughout the North, sharing stages with Attack!Attack! (UK), The Headstart, Skarlett Riot, Our Innocence Lost, and others, Chasing Dragons are now prepared to strike out on their own and are braced for nationwide exposure with a host of shows penned for the Autumn (and beyond) to coincide with their album launch.

Chasing Dragons plan to hit the ground running with their national release “Take Flight For A Firefight” this Summer. Produced by acclaimed maestros Graeme Atkinson (Take The Seven) and Carl Bown (While She Sleeps, Fightstar), the record pitches nine tracks that merge heart throbbing vocal lines and harmonious punchy riffs crossed with unrestrained infectious energy. The opening cut ‘Spawn Of The Succubus’ is unashamedly biting and gritty, and is the perfect appetizer for the raucous rock crew. The record then begins to take shape, cleverly weaving its way from the catchy rock-pop hook laden ‘Seeds Of Tomorrow’ to the contagious ‘City Of Steel’. Chasing Dragons have produced an impressive debut and are sure to breakthrough this year; no doubt they’ll fly!


 TRACKLISTING: 1. Spawn Of The Succubus; 2. Mirror’s Edge; 3. Black Velvet; 4. Seeds Of Tomorrow; 5. City Of Steel; 6. Into The Pit (Demo Remix); 7. Under The Earth; 8. Spawn Of The Succubus (Live Acoustic); 9. Into The Pit (Live Acoustic).

BAND MEMBERS: Tank – Vocals; Mitch Sadler – Guitar/Backing Vocals; Zebs – Guitar/Backing Vocals; Ant Varenne – Bass; Tom Wheelwright – Drums

FOR FANS OF:  Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, AFI.

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