IN CLEAR SIGHT to release ‘Fuck Fairytales, This is Reality’, on 30th July


Enterprising noise posse ‘In Clear Sight’ emerge with the release of their debut album “Fuck Fairytales, This is Reality” through Clenched Fist Records and all digital outlets from 30th July 2012.

In Clear Sight tug from an array of influences that stem from the likes of hardcore heavyweights Terror and Wall Of Jericho through to Hatebreed. Inspired by their predecessors, the abrasive six-piece have cultivated their own highly potent sound that is venomous, brutal, utterly aggressive, and ultimately engaging.

Originally founded in 2010, in the diamond city of Antwep, Belgium, In Clear Sight feature the dual-prong vocal pairing of Roger Junior De Koning and Kenny Thys, duelling against the pounding riffage of Tom Van Bouwel and Tijs Hostyn, while Yannick Van de Venne provides the bottom-end power on the bass, and Gael Renier holds everything in place with thunderous beats. After a brief period of line-ups changes and honing their set, the lively six-some have started to cut their teeth by delivering a highly impressive, racous cluster of shows in just about every sweatbox in Belgium. Along the way the band played with such outfits as In Blood We Trust, Providence, Onesta, The Setup, 8control, Cold Hard Truth, No Second Chance, and Screaming Silence, to name just a few. The Euro noise chiefs have also recently began to stretch their wings out to Holland, and plan to tour the UK in 2013.

The Belgian Hardcore crew are geared to step up to the plate with their temptuous debut album ‘Fuck Fairytales, This Is Reality’, which features seven full-blooded cuts. The record is ram packed with steamroller riffs, deeply-growled vocals and blast-beat rhythms that will pummel the listener into submission from the get-go. With extensive mainland touring planned for the reminder of the year and the release of their debut record this summer, In Clear Sight are set to take the whole of Europe by storm and leave it breathless in their wake.

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