THE FIRSTBORN have just made available on their Bandcamp page the last three critically-acclaimed albums, including the recently-released «Lions Among Men», 2008’s «The Noble Search» and 2005’s «The Unclenching of Fists». These three albums showcase the path since taken by the band, blending Buddhist philosophy with modern Metal aesthetics.

All the albums are available for download in high-quality format and include bonus features such as the full artwork for each album, as well as high-resolution promotional photos related to each period, among other surprises.

The best part: you name the price! You can get the albums for free or choose to support THE FIRSTBORN my making a donation in appreciation for the music… the choice is yours.


The band decided to offer this opportunity given the exposure «Lions Among Men» has been getting, which has spiked people’s curiosity about this record, as well as the previous albums. So instead of resorting to the usual low-quality mp3 downloads, you can hear the music as intended: clear, powerful and organic.



Read what the press has been saying about «Lions Among Men»:


“If you’re free from conventions and open to unusual influences, «Lions Among Men» rewards you with a brilliant album.” 9 / 10 –


“There’s something incredibly respectable about a band who can cover so much ground like The Firstborn, yet bring it together in such a homogenous way.” 88 / 100 – Metal Storm


“… a sound that is simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, heavy and melodic, exciting and spiritual.” 4.5 / 5 – Sea of Tranquility


“Simply wonderful.” 98 / 100 – Steel and Fire


“… this work reveals a complex and fascinating world.” 9 / 10 – The Whiplasher


… a truly exciting and rewarding release.” 86 / 100 – Infernal Masquerade


“In this album in which music and lyrics meet in a kaleidoscope of thoughts and reflections, the brilliance of this band is absolutely reaffirmed.” 8,5 / 10 AloneMusic


An enthralling and overwhelming experience…” – Migrate Music Review


“With a sound as unrelenting and unforgiving as a towering storm Lions Among Men is a devastating and compulsive smothering of the senses.” – Ringmaster Review


“… a different, superior experience – an organic album to feel from start to finish. An enormous pleasure.” – A Trompa


“A metamorphosis, an evolution, a wonderful rediscovery.” – Ponto Alternativo


“… the band approaches sonic, spiritual and artistic perfection as a whole.” 5 / 5 – Misantropia Extrema

«Lions Among Men» was released worldwide on March 5th by Rastilho Records and the full track list is as follows:


01. Lions Among Men
02. Without as Within
03. Wantless
04. Vajra Eyes
05. Eight Flashing Lances
06. Nothing Attained, Nothing Spoken
07. Sounds Liberated as Mantra



Get more The Firstborn news and info at:


Rastilho Records:

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