ZOLTAR SPEAKS to release ‘Treatment’ EP on11th June

High flying Female-fronted Brit-Metallers ‘Zoltar Speaks’ release their stunning debut EP ‘Treatment’, on Mon 11th June & prepare for UK touring.

Emerging from the rural plains of Somerset, Zoltar Speaks hurl out fiery jack hammer riffs boned with enticing refrains. The South West melodic metal crew offer a sound that is both hugely captivating and anthemic. Fronted by enigmatic vocalist Louise Body and featuring Ollie Smith and Jason Coles (guitars), with Shane Yard on bass and Ben Dean supplying thunderous beats, Zoltar Speaks are a powerhouse metal unit that are braced for national domination.

Drawing from the thrashcore belligerence of Pantera meshed with the attitude of Skunk Anansie, and laden with the technical innovative zest of Coheed and Cambria, Zoltar Speaks have twisted a style uniquely their own and unleash it to devastating effect.

Since bursting on to the UK scene in 2009, Zoltar Speaks have quickly built a formidable following achieved by widespread touring throughout Southern England and Wales, notching up supports along the way with Malefice and Sworn To Oath. At the back-end of 2011, Zoltar Speaks entered the recording studio to lay down their debut record, entitled ‘Treatment’. The rising Brit-metal crew came out of the studio with an ear-shattering debut offering that’s filled with brutal riffs, impassioned lyrics and kinetic energy, from the opening anthemic hard-hitting groovage of ‘A Metaphor’ through to the rampantly punchy delivery of ‘The Best Revenge’, and ending on the supremely tuneful ‘Treatment’. Zoltar Speaks will exact your absolute attention, and rightly so. The industrious fivesome are now poised to continue their climb through the ranks and are poised to broaden their reach.




1. A Metaphor;  2. How Could You Blame?; 3. The Best Revenge; 4. Treatment.

BAND MEMBERS: Louise Body – Vocals; Ollie Smith – Guitar; Jason Coles – Guitar; Shane Yard – Bass

Ben Dean – Drums.

    • Poopdmipants
    • March 30th, 2012

    These guys rock and if you don’t think so then you’re a gay Mexican. Lash out with your gash out guys!!!!!!!

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