Extrovert UK rock band Peepshow have announced the release date of their new EP Brand New Breed and of upcoming London show.

Peepshow have announced May 28th as the day their new EP Brand New Breed will be unleashed.
A brand new breed of fans are unearthing a world of danger-flecked rock n’roll more enticing and alluring than the monotonous pop and pseudo-punk they’ve been spoon fed to date.  Peepshow are perfectly poised to deliver their message to the nation. Faintly tipping their flamboyant hats to past rock masters, Peepshow have skewed their sounds into something fresh, youthful, and original.
Their striking image and earnest intent to entertain meet with a precision and outrageous musicality that’s framed in modern metal. There’s the fervour of My Chemical Romance coupled with the pristine presentation of Blessed By A Broken Heart and Kill Hannah, while their universal, rallying-the-clans commerciality echoes that of Black Veil Brides.  It all started as it should, not on Saturday night television screens or in the gleam of a marketing man’s eye, but in the crowded pubs and sweat-drenched clubs of their native Scotland. Fronted by charismatic singer and songwriter Johnny Gunn, a man with a voice to melt icebergs and a look to stop traffic, Peepshow’s urgent, futuristic anthems fast found favour. Their self-released debut album promptly sold 2,000 copies, largely through word of mouth, and garnered instant praise from national press. Consequently seized upon as a band on a rapid ascent, Peepshow were set loose to support the likes of ‘Duff McKagan’s Loaded’, ‘Backyard Babies’ and ‘CrashDiet’. Indeed, so keen were the latter on the inventive Scots that Johnny ended up co-writing three songs for their most recent album ‘Generation Wild’.
As Johnny, axemen Rusty Gill and Dagan, bassist Hex and beatmaster Hammy prepare for the launch of their aptly titled sophomore release ‘Brand New Breed’, Peepshow are bigger, bolder, stronger and more resolute than ever before. Their already muscular sounds have been enhanced further by playing a series of packed-out shows and working alongside the best in the business.  Loaded up on pure adrenalin and eternal rock n’ roll stardust, ‘Brand New Breed’ is brimming with blasts of synths, light speed two-prong guitars and textured, soaring rhythms. The hooks of their first single ‘Let Go’ and ‘Live Free Or Die’ are tailor made for the bigger venues and will resonate vibrantly throughout radio, while the intensity of ‘Feed On Me’ and the sky high emotions and colossal riffs of ‘All Or Nothing’ will drive  their way right through to the guts and heart respectively.
‘Strong songs and melodies underpin everything – music for outsiders, the discontented and the artistic – songs that fans will come back to time and time again.  Steve Beebee / Kerrang!


TITLE: Brand New Breed

RELEASE DATE: Monday 28th May 2012


TRACKLISTING: 1. Wake Up; 2. Let Go; 3. Live Free Or Die; 4. Trouble; 5. Only A Dream; 6. All Or Nothing; 7. Feed On Me; 8. Irreversible; 9. Suffer; 10. Romance Is Dead; 11. Star Eyes; 12. Brand New Breed; 13. Waking The Dead; 14. Follow Your Instincts.

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