Ashes You Leave unveils new drummer!‏

It’s with both pride and joy that  Saša Vukosav, one of Croatia’s most talented drummers, has been added to the AYL family.

Croatian female fronted doom/gothic metaller “Ashes You Leave” welcome Saša Vukosav on drums.

The band’s lineup henceforth will consist: Giada “Jada” Etro – vocals, Berislav “Bero” Poje – vocals & lead guitar, Matija Rempesic – guitar, Marta Batinic – violin, Luka Petrovic – bass guitar and Saša Vukosav – drums

Saša started playing drums at the age of 16 while he was living in Dubrovnik. He moved to Rijeka, to study, where he joined the alternative/metal band Father and played with them for eight years. In that period he recorded one album with them and toured Europe quite extensively. During that time he participated in various projects besides Father and that is when he got involved withAYL for the first time. He joined the band as a touring member in 2004/2005 and participated in the pre-production stage of the “Songs of the lost” album. Due to other commitments the collaboration wasn’t more extensive. Several years later once again Saša stepped in and helped AYL in the pre-production stage of their new album called “The cure for happiness“. Since the drummer seat for AYL was once again vacant there was only one person they wanted in that position.

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