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KRAMPUS joins MetalCamp 2012 Festival‏

KRAMPUS added to MetalCamp 2012 Festival

Italian melodic folk metallers KRAMPUS are continuing to make waves in the metal world with the announcement of their addition to METALCAMP 2012 in Sovenia.

The most beautiful festival in whole of Europe presented by Noizeletter,,, Hard Rock, BLAST!

METALCAMP 2012 again got a very strong line-up, having KORN, MACHINE HEAD, AMON AMARTH, SABATON, HATEBREED and many more coming to Tolmin to offer the best possible “Headbangers Holidays“.

So far these bands have been confirmed for 2012:


+ many more!

METALCAMP Tolmin/Slovenia
August 5 – 10, 2012



PUMP, the German heavy rockers featuring ex-BRAINSTORM singer Marcus Jürgens, have inked a worldwide management deal with ROCK N GROWL MANAGEMENT.

PUMP are working on their fourth record with the working title “Waiting For The Rapture” to be released in later 2012.

PUMP is a band with a solid foundation and real Rock-N-Roll blood runnin’ down their veins. Five guys who where only born to do one thing, rock the world! So get ready to rock! Welcome to the world of PUMP!

PUMP is:

Marcus Jürgens – Vocals (Brainstorm, Kashmyr)
Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt – Guitars (Tales Of Sorrow, Unfroynd)
Michael Vetter – Bass (Watch Me Bleed, Chinchilla, Outrage, Unfroynd)
Axel “Aki” Reissmann – Guitars (Downspirit, Hazy Shade)
Andreas Minich – Drums (Unfroynd)

PUMP was formed in February 2002 by a group of talented, hard-working musicians and have released 3 full-lenght albums. Tired of being told what type of music they should play, PUMP decided to go against the pervasive Grunge/Nu-Metal grain to play the hard rock music they love in the vain of Skid Row, Tesla, Whitesnake, Aerosmith and Dokken. Their defiance has paid off. After only a short time, they are taking hard rock and metal to a new generation. PUMP’s current line-up is led by vocalist Marcus Jürgens, whose raw vocal ability contributes to the band’s distinctive sound. The guitar team of Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt and Aki Reissmann each bring his own unique guitar style to this hard-driving mix: bluesy, yet melodic with a heavy twist. Bassist Michael Vetter and drummer Andreas Minich provide the solid, rhythmic foundation on which the music is built. PUMP has what it takes to bring hard rock to a scene hungry for music that is loud, heavy, and straight from the gut. The music is about good times, bad times, sex, booze and lots of life stories, all wrapped up into high-energy Rock-N-Roll music. It’s pure, not pretend, not faked or forced. It’s just simple, but PUMP has something special, a gift, the passion, the drive, the ability to make it happen. It’s time to stand up and salute the next generation of Rock-N-Roll music.

PUMP share the stages and played festivals in the past: Rock For One World 2012, Alice Cooper, Rock Of Ages Festival, Warmbronner Open Air, House of Lords, On Tour with U.F.O 2009, Air Axes Festival, Dokken, Harem Scarem, Crystal Ball, Shakra, Pretty Maids, Helloween, Primal Fear, Axel Rudi Pell Tour 2004, Building a Force – Metal Festival, Tattoo-Fun & Relax 2004, Queensryche, U.D.O., United Forces Of Rock Festival, Metal-Inside Festival, Mystic Prophecy, Vengeance, Angel Days Festival, Freedom Call, Domain, Pink Cream 69, Human Zoo, China, Dark Sky, Foreigner, Gotthard, Golden Earring, Suzi Quatro, Axxis, Kissin Dynamite, etc.

Next Shows
23.03 Wildeside Club Münsingen ( D )
25.05 Rocknacht Tennwil ( CH )

2012 – Waiting For The Rapture (working title)
2009 – Sonic Extasy
2006 – Breakdown to Breakthrough
2004 – Against everyone’s advice


ASSIGNMENT unveil the Storyboard‏ for “Inside of the Machine” –

Composer and Guitarist Goran Panic the Man behind Assignment, has revealed some facts on the story behind the concept of soon to be released “Inside of Machine“.

Storyboard Video Trailer:

Certainly not easy in short form, but let’s try… We’re in the near future, all goverments have fallen, democracy as we’ve known is only left on paper and one consortium is taking care of our free world. All is based on total submission, a very low percentage enjoys the privilege of finances while the most serve and get milked like my remote does with batteries…

You have four characters involved:

Robin Beck is “The Mistress” – She was sent by the Preacher to Nick, the main character in order to help him through this intrusion of mankind and to build the resistance. After a while she will start play here own game…

Michael Bormann is “Nick“, the main character – He is one between thousands but more and more frustrated by the injustice, by the lies surrounding him and by beeing kept down for speaking the truth. He decides to raise against which lead him into the game against “The Machine

Carsten Kaiser is “The Machine” – Its the combined synonym for all evil, wrong ways and grievance that is all around us such as greed, betrayal, wars and many other parts of our already seen and known system.

Mats Leven is “The Preacher” – Once he was God but as mankind lost his believe, he returned as a “normal” Preacher who is supporting but also using Nick and the Mistressfor his own need – to regain believe and rebuild the balance again.

So the story has these sci-fi elements but is still based on true personal stories as many of those things already happen, daily, in every part of our current sociaty. But stil it allows an own interpretation, as many things stil remain tricky in the Machi.. ahm, i meant life… Cheers.

ROCK N GROWL & ASSIGNMENT are expecting to secure a record deal very soon and establish the Band for the future. The Present already shows a Band that combines various influences such as Queensryche or Fates Warning but also Ayreon or early Pain of Salvation. You can expect hard edge riffs, catchy hooks and unexpected turnovers in more than 70 min running time, including a special bonus track, a cover version of Meat Loaf´s “Nowhere Fast”.

Inside Of The Machine – Tracklist:
1. Upload the System (6:04)
2. The Intrusion (4:08)
3. I am the Machine (5:00)
4. Resistance (4:50)
5. Love between Heaven and Hell (4:15)
6. The Betrayal (3:32)
7. Messiahs Fall (4:16)
8. Ending Love (5:04)
9. Another Sacrifice (4:49)
10. Electric City (Home of the Machine) (4:43)
11. Walk Alone (4:42)
12. Eternal Silence (5:36)
13. Bug in the System (3:42)
14. End of the Machine (6:06)
15. Nowhere Fast – BONUS Track (4:57)

Bunny Marret ‘I’m Free’, out 18th June through Bristol Archive Records‏


Released 18th June 2012 as Vinyl LP (Limited Edition), CD & Digital Download,

through Bristol Archive Records / Shellshock and all digital platforms.


         An influential figure on the Bristol reggae scene since the 1970s, Bunny Marrett has been shamefully neglected on record with just two tracks on the A side of a 1981 Shoc Wave 12” his sole output, although his compositions have fared somewhat better having been recorded and released by both Black Roots and Delroy Ogilvie.

Bristol Archive Record’s June 18th release of Bunny’s 1986 recorded album “I’m Free,” should go some way to making up for that oversight. As a bonus, Bunny is accompanied by legendary Bristol band The Startled Insects and equally legendary local jazz drummer Tony Orrell.

Bunny may be a reggae artist, but he is also a jazz lover and with first rate jazz accompaniment, the music they produced is a totally natural fusion of reggae and jazz that more than twenty five years after it was recorded still sounds totally fresh.  It’s naturalness, it’s simplicity and it’s beauty make this music timeless and with an appeal far beyond the traditional reggae market. This is joyful music created by musicians who were obviously having fun and that shines through. There is no artifice in this meeting of Jamaica’s and the United States’ greatest musical gifts, it just works as a perfect blend of styles.

Bunny has been singing since his childhood in Montego Bay and after relocating to Kingston was soon entering talent competitions. Moving to England whilst still in his teens, Bunny continued to sing as well as becoming involved with sound systems. He also embraced the local jazz scene as well as the diverse music of the West Indies including learning to play Piano with Laurel Aitken. Although his profile outside of Bristol may not have been high, by the time he recorded “I’m Free” he was an experienced writer and performer.

When they collaborated with Bunny the Startled Insects had already made an impact with their first two records on Antenna and were about to be signed by Island. One of the Startled Insects, Richard Lewis, will be well known to fans of Bristol Archive Records as legendary engineer and producer UK Scientist. The remaining band members known as just the Insects, would go on to a very successful career scoring music for film and television, writing for Massive Attack and working with several leading UK acts.

Drummer Tony Orrell is something of a legend in Bristol music circles. In fact, having played with Spirit Level, Sphere, Andy Sheppard and Adrian Utley to name just a few, he’s a hugely respected musician on the UK jazz scene and has often utilised his talents for non jazz artists.


The vinyl LP contains the 1986 album as it was envisioned, four vocals, the uplifting title track “I’m Free”, Bunny’s tribute to Bob Marley with “Jazzy Reggae” making an excellent adaptation of the Wailers original. “Farm Diggin’” inspired by life in rural Jamaica and “Natural Princess” a pure love song, “Jazzy Reggae and “Farm Digging” are accompanied by their versions/dubs. For the CD issue we have added “Times Are Getting Harder” and “Hard Times (dub)” both tracks from Bunny’s Shoc Wave 12”.


ZOLTAR SPEAKS to release ‘Treatment’ EP on11th June

High flying Female-fronted Brit-Metallers ‘Zoltar Speaks’ release their stunning debut EP ‘Treatment’, on Mon 11th June & prepare for UK touring.

Emerging from the rural plains of Somerset, Zoltar Speaks hurl out fiery jack hammer riffs boned with enticing refrains. The South West melodic metal crew offer a sound that is both hugely captivating and anthemic. Fronted by enigmatic vocalist Louise Body and featuring Ollie Smith and Jason Coles (guitars), with Shane Yard on bass and Ben Dean supplying thunderous beats, Zoltar Speaks are a powerhouse metal unit that are braced for national domination.

Drawing from the thrashcore belligerence of Pantera meshed with the attitude of Skunk Anansie, and laden with the technical innovative zest of Coheed and Cambria, Zoltar Speaks have twisted a style uniquely their own and unleash it to devastating effect.

Since bursting on to the UK scene in 2009, Zoltar Speaks have quickly built a formidable following achieved by widespread touring throughout Southern England and Wales, notching up supports along the way with Malefice and Sworn To Oath. At the back-end of 2011, Zoltar Speaks entered the recording studio to lay down their debut record, entitled ‘Treatment’. The rising Brit-metal crew came out of the studio with an ear-shattering debut offering that’s filled with brutal riffs, impassioned lyrics and kinetic energy, from the opening anthemic hard-hitting groovage of ‘A Metaphor’ through to the rampantly punchy delivery of ‘The Best Revenge’, and ending on the supremely tuneful ‘Treatment’. Zoltar Speaks will exact your absolute attention, and rightly so. The industrious fivesome are now poised to continue their climb through the ranks and are poised to broaden their reach.



1. A Metaphor;  2. How Could You Blame?; 3. The Best Revenge; 4. Treatment.

BAND MEMBERS: Louise Body – Vocals; Ollie Smith – Guitar; Jason Coles – Guitar; Shane Yard – Bass

Ben Dean – Drums.

Redbull Bedroom Jam hopefuls Violet sign to Small Town and release EP‏

Violet sign to Small Town Records and release The Brightside EP on 16 April

Front running UK rock label Small Town Records is very excited to announce signing 2012 Redbull Bedroom Jam hopefuls, Violet. The seven piece alt-rockers’ debut eight track EP, “The Brightside”, will be released on 16 April.
Having launched and developed rising UK stars While She SleepsHeights and 2011 RBBJ runners up The Hype Theory, Small Town has an impeccable track record of finding great bands, and Violet are no exception. Label manager Pete Weeks comments:
“We signed Violet because they are awesome musicians and awesome people, who as a band promote everything this label stands for”
The Brightside EP, made up of five main tracks with three bonus tracks, is a gripping introduction to this exciting new act. Each song is filled with layers of melodic guitars, euphoric synths and dual vocals that range from luscious close harmonies to hardcore abrasion creating a huge sound, that at times feel more like an alternative rock orchestra, than simply a band.
Violet’s early influences stem from likes of EmarosaDance Gavin Dance and Saosin, but as they grew, their love of a huge range of styles from movie soundtracks to RnB, have molded their sound into something all together quite unique.
Check out their video to “Perspectives” here:
Track Listing:
1) The Bright Side
2) Youth, And Those Who Keep It
3) …But Have You Heard Of Me
4) Perspectives
5) Seven For A Secret
6) Everyone Will Listen (bonus track)
7) Just Like Summer (bonus track)
8) Away From Everything (bonus track)
Violet release “The Brightside” the week they play Hit The Deck Festival, alongside the likes of Kids in Glass Houses and Deaf Havana. The band then head out on the road around the UK; first off in Scotland with Lights out Dresden, and then the rest of the UK with Attention Thieves and Stars Of The Search Party.


Following the news that British punk icons Sex Pistols have signed a new deal with Universal Music Catalogue, the band will release a limited edition 7” record of their first ever single “Anarchy in the UK” on April 21st for Record Store Day.


Originally released in November 1976, “Anarchy in the UK” was the band’s first call to arms and single-handedly kick-started the punk movement that spread worldwide. 35 years later, to celebrate Record Store Day, the Sex Pistols are very proud to re-release a collector’s edition, 7” vinyl picture disc of this seminal debut single.


The re-mastered single will also feature original b-side track “I Wanna Be Me”, available internationally, but limited to just 3,500 records. Plans are currently underway to re-release the classic album “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols” as an expanded and repackaged release this year to commemorate the band’s 35th Anniversary.


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