Conformist – ‘Savages Go Modern!’

Conformist the Cardiff based punk  cut-and-paste electronic maestro  has just released his new single ‘Savages Go Modern!’ digitally with its physical arrival coming on the 20th of February.

Conformist is the work of one man, Michael Simmons who with attitude and provocative intent expertly manipulates and reassembles intricate layers of sounds, sampling anything from cable TV shows, shopping channels, to talk shows and pornos, inspired by the dregs of TV. Forging these together, cutting and pasting, and editing to intricate and concentrated levels of complexity the 28-year-old based in Cardiff creates an aural tapestry of noise and dirt crusted sounds to bring a ‘… soundtrack to the cities seedy post-apocalyptic underbelly!’

New single ‘Savages Go Modern!’ rattles the senses’ cages with incisive sonic manipulations and slithers of caustic bright lights/seedy back street imagery, the tone and emotive fuel provided by his surroundings far removed from his quiet subdued beginnings in the picturesque village of Dale in Pembrokeshire. Fusing 8 bit analogue chip-tune melodies with thrusting scuzzed up scathing punk guitars and post-dubstep baselines, Simmons paints with sounds to conjure up impressions and visual reactions.

The track recalls the intensity and creative fusions gloriously brought forth by Pop Will Eat Itself though it is fair to say there is not the immediate accessibility here but ‘Savages Go modern!’ carries a harsher intent and invades with a slower consumption to satisfying effect. Dark wit oozes through the track too and its attentive deliberate construction flows with a smooth yet cutting and imposing effect making the track greedy and pleasing at the same time.

To this point Conformist has received strong interest and gained airplay on Steve Lamacq’s on R1 and Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show as well as good media coverage. Simmons is also the driving force behind Cardiff’s newest audio production facility, Smash Mastering, which is gaining a rapidly increasing strong reputation with its offering of mastering, mixing and acclaimed remixes. Already his work can be found on Cardiff band Kutosis’ track ‘Islands’ and Bury Me in LA’s ‘Young Lust Seekers’.

‘Savages Go Modern’ is an outstanding release that triggers eagerness for his forthcoming full length release in March. For more information and to sample the great sounds of Conformist check out the official website @

RingMaster 18/01/2012

Check out the track below: Registered & Protected

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