Danish metallers CHAINFIST sign with Rock N Growl

Denmark’s Groove Metallers “CHAINFIST“ have signed a worldwide management deal with Germany’s ROCK N GROWL MANAGEMENT.

CHAINFIST have just finished recording a 3 track promo at Six String Studios with Søren Jensen as producer, these 3 songs are going to be mixed and mastered by the Danish guru Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios.

CHAINFIST consists of Jackie Petersen (vocals), Michael Kopietz (guitar), Jesper Heidelbach (drums) and Braca Pedersen (bass). All members have the necessary background and experience it takes to play anytime, anywhere.

Michael Kopietz guitarist of Chainfist has this to say:

A lot of thing are happening in the Chainfist Camp these days, and one of them is the signing with ROCK N GROWL. We’re really happy to be on theROCK N GROWL arist roster, and looking forward to work together with Axel bringing this monster to life once again.”

We can’t wait to present the new songs for the fans on stage in 2012, so get ready peeps, once again here we come.”

“Furthermore we want to welcome the newest member in Chainfist, Thomas Hvisel, who will take over the lead guitar. Thomas’s skills on the guitar is without any question what we needed in Chainfist to take the songs to a higher level and as lead guitarist in the Danish version of “Pantera Jam”, there is no doubt, the leads will be killer, and together with the recording of Jackies vocals, fans should be looking very much forward to this.”

The new material is stronger, heavier and even more melodic than the songs we made on our debut CD Black Out Sunday. – Stay tuned for more news soon!

Based in Slagelse, Denmark, their roots firmly planted in the Hard Rock soil, CHAINFIST music send out tentacles in various directions inspired by none other than themselves.

CHAINFIST have played around the country in numerous shows for the past 4 years, giving them the edge and experience it craves to make it big.

CHAINFIST is a unique live experience, giving a professional live show, a frantic and charismatic stage performance for which they have received much credit. The audience is simply carried away by vocalist Jackie Petersen who is always at the edge of the scene with a cut-through-steel-voice, the aggressive solos’ from Michael Kopietz, backed with a solid, heavy rhythm section by Jesper Heidelbach and Braca Pedersen. Some of these guys have previously been a member of bands like, Infernal Death, Epicenter, Panzerchrist and Frozen Sun.

In 2010, CHAINFIST turned to the studio to record their debut album “Black Out Sunday” which received several good reviews, with songs acclaimed to have great potential for the big live scene by critics. Straight forward heavy rock for the masses all based on life experience and lessons learned.


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