Always The Quiet Ones to release ‘Freak show’ EP 5th March February 2012

Ascending skewed-up rock crew ‘Always The Quiet Ones’ unveil their brand new EP ‘Freak Show’ on Monday 5th March 2012, through all digital stores.


Sounding like an early hybrid of Biffy Clyro dishing out dirty messed-up grooves and breeding with the spawn of Tool, Always The Quiet Ones are here to make their twisted mark on the UK scene, and these wired Liverpudlians have the perfect bait in the shape of their new record, suitably titled ‘Freak Show’, coming to treat your ears this spring.

Hailing from Liverpool and taking their moniker from graffiti showcased in the local dockyards, Always The Quiet Ones were born in the later part of 2010 by five sharp forward-thinking individuals: Blas Barragan Jr. (vocals), Joe Danher (guitar), Adam Lucas (guitar), Chris Nicholls (bass) and James Lorenzo (drums). The enterprising quintet soon embarked on a series of frenetic live shows supporting such artists as Deaf Havana, Mojo Fury, Axis Of and Turbogeist, and quickly began garnering strong praise and notoriety from fans and many sectors of the underground press for their own unique brand of off-kilter alt-rock.

Always The Quiet Ones pull from a span of notable influences ranging from the likes of A Perfect Circle, Deftones and Biffy Clyro, through to Oceansize; however the dynamic fivesome undoubtedly manage to stamp their very own indelible mark on proceedings.

The wirey upstarts are now armed with their exciting new EP ‘Freak Show’ and it swerves and pulls the listener right from the get-go. The record is rammed with skewed riffs, intriguing time-signatures and infectious melodies that will leave you pining for more. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the animated rock crew also plan to release a killer new double-A-single which is waiting in the wings for late April 2012.  It’s evident that Always The Quiet Ones are destined for great things. So, look out – Always The Quiet Ones have arrived.

“Its heavy, melodic and catchy, its something that Biffy Clyro used to do in their earlier albums, except these guys do it better. They rip up the rule book and have created something special” CIRCLEPIT.TV

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