Melodic Death-progsters Black Polaris nationally release their stunning brand new album ‘Empires’ on 5th December 2011 and prepare for widespread UK touring.

Rendering influence from a host of areas, from the groove of Lamb of God, to the potency of Parkway Drive, right through to the melodic proficiency of In Flames, Black Polaris have cunningly managed to tie together the engaging elements of death prog and metalcore, and transform and compress them down to meld their own hybrid sound.

Born out of Royston, Herts and originally formed in 2009, Black Polaris are comprised of old school friends: Sam Burgess (Vocals), Paul Futter and Gaz Groombridge (Guitars), Luke Jackson (Bass) and Andrew Stagg (Drums). Like many of their contemporary counterparts, the deathcore crew have definitely suffered their own obligatory moments of adversity, from a series of initial line-up changes to financial setbacks; rather than breaking them though, the struggle has only helped to spur on the spirited five-piece.

Having already widely toured throughout the whole of the UK, where the band chalked up shows with the likes of Martyr Defiled, Eternal Lord, This Is Colour, Eradication, Seven Year Kismet, Devil Sold His Soul and many more, the energetic quintet are now all set to announce further UK touring and plan to hit European shores in 2012.

Black Polaris’ sound merges full-throttle rhythmic patterns fused with ball-busting riffage, all tightly woven together by captivating melodies and considered dynamism. Their stout sound has been honed during the past 12 months as the death metallers perpetually toured throughout the UK. During this time the band significantly boosted their fan-base, aided by the relentless touring and releasing of their debut album ‘This City Falls’, which notched up great underground coverage.

After much anticipation, the fast-rising deathcore crew now release their sophomore album ‘Empires’. Bursting with brutal riffs and jack hammer beats, Black Polaris have nailed down their live energy to tape and have recorded their new record just the way they wanted. The album manages to capture the band as they are best heard, live and in your face. From the rampant energy of ‘Mountains’ through to the ferocious drive of ‘Oblivion’. ‘Empires’ is an album that truly reflects a band that will be, without doubt, a prominent force in the UK Death metal scene for many years to come!

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