Rough Angel to release remastered EP “Hear the Angels Rock”

Rough Angel to release remastered EP Hear the Angels Rock

US Heavy Metal weights Rough Angel have been around for more than two decades. Originally found in Hollywood, Los Angeles by Jimmy Z. and Johnny G. the band quickly built up a fan base and followers. Rough Angel were playing the sunset strip up and down and eventually moved to Las Vegas. The band got nominated as the best local band in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eventually Johnny G. left the band as he moved to Hawaii . So the spot for a singer was vacant and Csaba Zvekan has gotten the job. In 1993 Rough Angel have decided to record 4 memorable songs for an EP.

The recordings never got published until now when Csaba Zvekan remastered the songs to a first official worldwide release „only digital“ scheduled for 30th November 2011 under Rock N Growl Records.

The music is “doomy“, “lava” – like and heavy metal with tuned down guitar riffs that sounds like a brick wall is coming down on you. Aggressive high pitch screams with oriental type melodies forge these recordings and give it the ultimate experience on a puremetal meltdown.

The title of Rough Angels EP is called “Hear the Angels Rock” and has following tracks:

1.    Standing by Mirrors

2.    Defiance

3.    Let it Burn

4.    Hear the Angels Rock

The lineup is as follows:

Csaba Zvekan – Lead & backing  Vocals

Jimmy Z. – Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Marc Mougavero – Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Ross Manzo – Bass Guitar

Dave Kappos – Drums (on recording)

Mike Rangel – Drums (live later after Dave Kappos left the band)

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