DEAD AWAKEN Signs To Abyss Records‏

Swedish death metal act, DEAD AWAKEN, featuring former members of Abhoth, has signed with Abyss Records for the release of their full-length debut, Where Hope Turns Dripping Red.

The album’s track listing has been revealed and is posted below. Stay tuned for artwork and more updates.

1. Carnivore
2. Kingdom of damnation (Where hope turns drippig red)
3. Deutsches Afrika corpse
4. Rocket symphony
5. Mudhell
6. Manic destructive
7. Envy the dead
8. Venom of the population
9. State of corrosion

DEAD AWAKEN has posted selections from Where Hope Turns Dripping Red on their

Dead Awaken declared war in the spring of 2002….

Soon after forming, Jörgen Kristensen was brought into the line up; at first as a bassist. In 2003 he was promoted to guitarist and singer, meaning that Andreas Morén picked up the bass and that there was no longer room for founding guitarist Jonas Lindberg in the band.

In December of 2005, guitarist Andreas Backström left the band because hewas tired of death metal. He was replaced by Attila Toth. In April of 2007 DEAD AWAKEN’s original drummer Jocke Edlund left his post. He too was tired of playing death metal and moved to Gothenburg. This left only ONE man that was considered worthy of  taking over the drum throne – Mats Blückert (ex-Abhoth). Within a few months, Mats had learned enough material for the band to play live again. The re-vamped lineup made its debut at a festival called Mälarrocken with bands like Krux, Backyard Babies, Bullet, Seventribe and Behemoth. After that show Mats became a full-fledged member of DEAD AWAKEN. In November 2007 Attila left DEAD AWAKEN, on good terms, for personal reasons and still remains close friends with the band.

DEAD AWAKEN kept on marching as a three-piece and gigged all over the country. In 2010 DEAD AWAKEN began recording their debut full-length Where Hope Turns Dripping Red. In the middle of the recording process, the band parted ways with long term bass player / backup vocalist Andreas “Fluff” Morén. The recording was finished with Jörgen handling all guitars, vocals and bass.


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