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WHEN WORDS FAIL to release ‘Eyes On Everything’ EP 12th December


Brit-Rock tunesmiths When Words Fail release a fiercely melodic debut in the form of their brand new ‘Eyes On Everything’ EP, out Monday 12th December 2011 through all digital outlets.

Hailing from Swindon, England, freshly formed quintet When Words Fail are now beginning to chalk up increasing national recognition. The lively post hardcore band have fashioned a hugely melodic and highly energetic sound comparable to such bands as A Day To Remember, Funeral For A Friend, and Deaf Havana. However, When Words Fail are fiercely distinct as they cleverly weave the diverse influences of each band member, into addictive choruses, upbeat guitar structures, and stompdown hardcore shout-outs, all marinated in an unswerving melody that sets them apart from the typical sing/scream bands of today.

December 12th sees When Worlds Fail officially release their debut 3-track EP ‘Eyes On Everything’, to be supported with UK shows planned for Spring 2012.


Right from the opening note the record delivers punchy riffage in ‘Eyes On Everything’ spiked with captivating vocal melodies and thoughtful dynamism. ‘Over Again’ further amps up the intensity of the record, while still threading the bands’ trademark rhythms and driving hooks. Lastly, the instantly appealing ‘There’s Something’ brings the EP to a fitting close with its up-tempo arrangements and memorably sing-along refrain.

–When Words Fail ‘Eyes On Everything’ EP from all digital outlets from Monday 12th December 2011–

Rob Mancini to release new album Rock’n’Roll Circus

The new album “Rock’n’Roll Circus” could best be described as a reflective but modern influenced crossover between the roots of late 80s and early 90s melodic rock. Think Bon Jovi with a Nickelback kick, infused with his own signature, a powerfully stomping rhythm guitar section, addictive keyboards and catchy melody lines sung by lead vocalist, guitarist and RockDoc Rob Mancini.

1. Carnival of Fools, 2. Rock’n’Roll Circus, 3. Edge of a broken heart, 4. Every time you cry, 5. Running up that hill, 6. Lay down the law, 7. Weak as I am, 8. Stranger in paradise, 9. Too late to die, 10. The Reaper, 11. United we stand, 12. Time stops for no one but you, 13.Edge of a broken heart (Radio Edit)

The album was recorded at Robs GMG Studio One in Ireland, featuring 13 tracks including a cover version of Kate Bush’s “Running up that hill” and was mastered byHarry Hess at Vespa Music Group Canada. Tour dates are in planning for 2012.

After almost a decade of recording abstinence, touring the Irish Club scene, Irelands German-Italian born rock musician and producer, Rob Mancini is back on track with the smash hit, “Edge of a broken heart” and the powerful ballad “Every time you Cry” from his new album “Rock’n’Roll Circus“.

Rob played extensively on the international rock circuit in the mid 90s with “Hotwire” & “Crush“, recording several albums and sharing the stage with artists such asVictory, ThunderheadDare, etc. before moving to Ireland in 2001 to work as studio and session musician.




High-Octane UK Rock ‘n’ Rollers ‘Wasted Sinners’ hurl out their eagerly awaited debut mini-album ‘Unleashed & Dangerous’ on Monday 12th December 2011, available through all good online outlets.

Dispatching a heady mix of infectious Rock ‘n’ Roll, influenced by the swagger of Motley Crew, the attitude of G’n’R and the contemporary cool of Buckcherry, Wasted Sinners are ready to unleash their own concoction of Rock ‘n’ Roll to the masses in 2012!

Bursting out of London town, Wasted Sinners are comprised of the vocal prowess of Roxx Hydi, Gary Dainty serving the guitar riffs, Dude Rock on bass, and Pete Sin hammering out the beats. The band were originally born in the later part of 2008 by long time friends Dude Rock and Pete Sin, who had regularly jammed together for a number of years as a sturdy rhythm section; the dynamic duo later recruited kindred sprits Roxx Hydi and Gary Dainty, and the four-piece instantly clicked, deciding to form ‘Wasted Sinners’.

Throughout 2009, the energetic quartet played a series of headline shows in London which garnered them a sturdy live reputation and an impressively dedicated fanbase. However, hard and trying times where just around the corner. The band suffered a cluster of personal setbacks ranging from bereavement, relationship breakdowns, and financial issues. Now after a brief hiatus, and fresh from their recent highly successful mini-UK tour, Wasted Sinners are back and stronger than ever. The rejuvenated foursome have further shows planned throughout 2012 and have just penned a string of new killer tunes. The band now also re-work their debut album ‘Unleashed & Dangerous’ this December, and it’s a real belter of a record. The mini-album bursts with feel good energy. Full of attitude and loaded to the nines with contagious hooks, it’s a great antidote for the winter blues.




Rob Mancini (AOR/Melodic Rock) joins Rock N Growl Promotion

Rob Mancini (AOR/Melodic Rock) joins Rock N Growl Promotion

After almost a decade of recording abstinence, touring the Irish Club scene, Irelands German-Italian born rock musician and producer, Rob Mancini is back on track with the smash hit, “Edge of a broken heart” and the powerful ballad “Every time you Cry” from his new album “Rock’n’Roll Circus“.

Rob played extensively on the international rock circuit in the mid 90′s with “Hotwire” & “Crush“, recording several albums and sharing the stage with artists such as Victory, ThunderheadDare etc. before moving to Ireland in 2001 to work as a studio and session musician.




Check out the videos @

Promo trailer “Edge Of A Broken Heart

Promo trailer “Every Time You Cry

Rob Mancini – Guitars, Bass, Synth & Programming, Backing Vocals
Aine Mancini – Backing Vocals
Mastering by Harry Hess at Vespa Music Group Canada

Abacinate Returns With Original Vocalist‏

New Jersey devils Abacinate have made their triumphant return after a year-long hiatus following the tragic loss of vocalist Jason “Plunger” Sica. Rejoined by original vocalist Ian Neal, who appeared on the band’s full-length debut, Ruination, Abacinate is picking up right where they left off over a year ago. Denied the opportunity to tour in support of their last album, Genesis, which was released earlier this year, Abacinate is currently planning on hitting the road in the spring of next year in order to give fans across the country a dose of their energetic live performance. The band is also currently writing new material in preparation for their third full-length, which is expected to be released sometime next year.In the meantime, Abacinate is currently streaming a selection of tunes on their Facebook page and a string of “return shows” set for this fall.


Oct. 21 – East Of The Wall CD Release Show @ The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ w/ East of the Wall  & The Ghost In Black And White

Oct. 22 @ – New Jersey Deathfest – The Irish – Kearny, NJ w/ Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Dysentery, Hammer Fight, Rompeprop, Mortician, and many more!

Nov. 5 – Nag Hamadi CD Release Show @ Freehold VFW – Freehold, NJ w/ Nag Hamadi, Hammerhead (ex-Shattered Realm), An Aborted Memory, and Fallback.

Justin Spaeth: Drums
Todd Stern: Guitar
Mat Babulski: Bass
Dan Higgins: Guitar
Ian Neal: Vocals

The Kinks – The Kinks In Mono – 10 CD Set, released through Sanctuary on 21st November 2011

On November 21st, this astonishing new 10 CD Kinks box set will be released through Sanctuary. Bringing together The Kinks’ first seven LPs, all the way from ‘Kinks’ through to ‘Arthur’, as well as 4 extra EPs and 2 volumes of further collectables – this time all in mono – the collection is a stunning retrospective. The set also includes a 32 page, pop annual style book complete with new liner notes, memorabilia (including rare photos), discography information and more. Each CD arrives boxed in beautiful digi-pack packaging, all of which are all collectively presented in a rigid Dansette style box.

The Kinks’ first 7 studio albums in mono are: Kinks, Kinda Kinks, Kontroversy, Face To Face, Something Else, Village Green Preservation Society, and Arthur.

The 4 EPs contain ‘Kinksize Session’, ‘Kinksize Hits’, ‘Kweyt Kinks’, ‘Dedicated Kinks’, while the further 2 discs (entitled The Kinks Mono Kollectables) contain unissued tracks and various singles from around the world.


Full Track Listing is as follows:




1.       Beautiful Delilah

2.       So Mystifying

3.       Just Can’t Go To Sleep

4.       Long Tall Shorty

5.       I Took My Baby Home

6.       I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

7.       You Really Got Me

8.       Cadillac

9.       Bald Headed Woman

10.   Revenge

11.   Too Much Monkey Business

12.   I’ve Been Driving On Bald Mountain

13.   Stop Your Sobbing

14.   Got Love If You Want It




1.       Look For Me Baby

2.       Got My Feet On The Ground

3.       Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ Bout That Girl

4.       Naggin Woman

5.       Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

6.       Tired Of Waiting For You

7.       Dancing In The Streets

8.       Don’t Ever Change

9.       Come On Now

10.   So Long

11.   You Shouldn’t Be Sad

12.   Something Bettter Beginning


1.       Milk Cow Blues

2.       Ring The Bells

3.       Gotta Get The First Plane Home

4.       When I See That Girl Of Mine

5.       I Am Free

6.       Till The End Of The Day

7.       The World Keeps Going Round

8.       I’m On A Island

9.       Where Have All The Good Times Gone

10.   It’s Too Late

11.   What’s In Store For Me

12.   You Can’t Win



1.       Party Line

2.       Rosie, Won’t You Please Come Home

3.       Dandy

4.       Too Much On My Mind

5.       Session Man

6.       Rainy Day In June

7.       House In The Country

8.       Holiday In Waikiki

9.       Most Exclusive Residence For Sale

10.   Fancy

11.   Little Miss Queen Of Darkness

12.   You’re Looking Fine

13.   Sunny Afternoon

14.   I’ll Remember


1.       David Watts

2.       Death Of A Clown

3.       Two Sisters

4.       No Return

5.       Harry Rag

6.       Tin Soldier Man

7.       Situation Vacant

8.       Love Me Till The Sunshines

9.       Lazy Old Sun

10.   Afternnoon Tea

11.   Funny Face

12.   End Of The Season

13.   Waterloo Sunset


1.       The Village Green Preservation Society

2.       Do You Remember Walter

3.       Picture Book

4.       Johnny Thunder

5.       Last Of The Steam Powered Trains

6.       Big Sky

7.       Sitting By The Riverside

8.       Animal Farm

9.       Village Green

10.   Starstruck

11.   Phenomenal Cat

12.   All Of My Friends Were There

13.   Wicked Annabella

14.   Monica

15.   People Take Pictures Of Each Other



1.       Victoria

2.       Yes Sir, No Sir

3.       Some Mothers Son

4.       Drivin’

5.       Brainwashed

6.       Austraila

7.       Shangri La

8.       Mr Churcill Says

9.       She’s Brought A Hat Like Princess Marina

10.   Young And Innocent Days

11.   Nothing To Say

12.   Arthur




1.       Louie Louie

2.       I’ve Gotta Go Now

3.       Things Are Getting Better

4.       I’ve Got That Feeling





1.       You Really Got Me

2.       It’s All Right

3.       All Day And All Of The Night

4.       I Gotta Move


1.       Wait Till The Summer Comes Along

2.       Such A Shame

3.       A Well Respected Man

4.       Don’t You Fret



1.       Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

2.       Till The End Of The Day

3.       See My Friends

4.       Set Me Free





1.       Long Tall Sally single

2.       You Still Want Me single

3.       You Do Something To Me single

4.       It’s Alright single

5.       Beautiful Delilah (alternate mono mix) prev. unissued

6.       I’m A Lover Not A Fighter (alternate mono mix) prev. unissued

7.       Bald Headed Woman (US mono mix) US LP

8.       Ev’rybody’s Gonna Be Happy single

9.       Who’ll Be The Next In Line single

10.   I Need You single

11.   Never Met A Girl Like You Before single

12.   Sittin’ On My Sofa single

13.   I’m Not Like Everybody Else single

14.   Dead End Street single

15.   Big Black Smoke single

16.   Act Nice And Gentle single

17.   Autumn Almanac single




1.       Afternoon Tea (Canadian mono mix) Canadian single

2.       Susannah’s Still Alive single

3.       Wonderboy single

4.       Polly single

5.       Lincoln County single

6.       There Is No Life Without Love single

7.       Days single

8.       She’s Got Everything single

9.       Hold My Hand single

10.   Creeping Jean single

11.   Plastic Man single

12.   King Kong single

13.   Mindless Child Of Motherhood single

14.   This Man He Weeps Tonight single

15.   Australia (Australian single mix) Australian single

16.   Lola single

17.   Berkeley Mews single

18.   Apeman single

19.   Rats single

20.   Apeman (European single version) European single


HOD Announces New Guitarist

Texas death metal maniacs Hod are proud to announce the addition of Erika Tandy (Morgengrau, Bracaglia, ex-Ignitor) as second guitarist.

Known for her impressive vocal work running the gamut from neoclassical (Autumn Tears) to traditional heavy metal (Ignitor, Bracaglia), Erika is also a guitarist who fronts her own death metal unit, Morgengrau. “This was an opportunity I could not turn down,” she says. “Hod is a first class band and brothers in arms. I’m honored to be a part of the band and ready to start the destruction!”
Hod guitarist Carl “Necron” says “I have known Erika for some time and I know she is dedicated to metal. She has a great attitude and ferocious playing style.  We look forward to playing more shows and destroying more souls with her!”
Erika will join the band next month when they take part in this year’s Goregrowler’s Ball, which runs November18th – 20th in San Antonio, TX. Hod will perform on Saturday, November 19th. She will also take part in the recording of Hod’s highly-anticipated second full-length album, Book Of Worms. Set to be recorded later this year, Book Of Worms is the follow up to the acclaimedSerpent, which is currently available through the Ibex Moon Records Webstore.