A BAND OF ORCS Unveil New Song, “Wyrd Of The Winter Wolf”

The almighty A BAND OF ORCS have a new song out now entitled “Wyrd Of The Winter Wolf”.  A full blown metal assault revealing that these Orcs mean business.

A brief history of the dawning  of A BAND OF ORCS for those yet untouched by their lingering brutality. In December of 2006, a group of young nerds playing Dungeons & Dragons inadvertently summoned the monstrous oRcs by rolling dice on a “Random Encounter Table.” Unfortunately for them, they encountered A BAND OF ORCS, who reacted with all of the inappropriate violence that you might expect from such savage warriors. The oRc’s world changed forever, though, when they heard the demonic sounds of Slayer coming from downstairs.

The band spent a few months learning how to play guitar, bass and drums. During this brutal time rhythm guitarist Hulg ElfR.I.Per experienced a most (un)fortunate electrocution, in a battle over tunings fought with lead guitarist Cretos Filthgrinder.  Hulg has since been reanimated into an oRc zombie Master of Crushing Rhythms. So it goes. Studio sorcery began in May 2007, when A BAND OF ORCS converted and liaised with metal music veteran producer Scott Sargeant and engineer Juan Urteaga to cut their debut EP WarChiefs of the Apocalypse.

On November 23, 2007, heavy metal legend Bruce Dickinson played the track “Bring Out Your Dead” on The Bruce Dickinson Rock Show broadcasted on the BBC.  In May of 2008, another magical opportunity arose. Hollywood producer Courtney Gains (best known as an actor for his role as Malachi in “Children of the Corn”) assembled a film crew to create the oRcs’ first video with extremely talented, up-and-coming maestro Jess Bryden at the director’s helm.  The resulting CGI masterpiece, “Into the Maelstrom,” aired on Fuse-on-Demand in November of 2008, and is still garnering much attention!

By oRctober of 2008, A BAND OF ORCS had been sufficiently domesticated to appear before their human devotees in live brutality.  To metalheads and others who desire to be enslaved by the Domination. The harbingers of interdimensional metal, A BAND OF ORCS, have arrived.

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