Anatomia/Burial Invocation – Decomposing Serenades 7″ Available Now

Anatomia/Burial Invocation – Decomposing Serenades 7″ Available Now  

Through Dark Descent Records                                                     

Two of the best doom-influenced death metal bands join forces to bring you two brand new crushing and suffocating tracks on this single 7″. When conjuring up a split 7″, the idea of Anatomia and Burial Invocation was an easy alliance. Both bands are known for similar yet signature styles which easily make for one of the best pairings in quite some time.

Anatomia delivers their brand of doom-laden material in the form of “Drawn Into the Abyss” a five-minute beast of a hymn while Burial Invocation counters with the five and a half minute slab of ugliness titled “Obliterated In An Ignominious Grave“.

This is all packaged with equally disgusting artwork by Dilek.

The disgusting brown/black vinyl version is limited to 100 copies. Visit to order.

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