Birth AD to Enter the Studio to Record Full Length‏

Dynamic crossover killers BIRTH A.D. will enter the studio in January to record the highly anticipated full-length follow up to their critically acclaimed Stillbirth of a Nation EP. The album will be recorded with renowned producer and thrash metal guru Alex Perialas (Anthrax, SOD, Nuclear Assault). BIRTH A.D. is currently seeking label support so they can cause problems worldwide!

 In the fearsome tradition of crossover thrash forged by acts like D.R.I., S.O.D., C.O.C, and a lot of other bands with three-letter acronyms comes BIRTH A.D.! The band formed in 2008 in Austin, Texas, as a side project of Candlelight Recording artists Averse Sefira.

BIRTH A.D.‘s first offering was the self-produced EP, Stillbirth of a Nation, released in 2009. Their take on crossover’s head-on collision of punk, hardcore and speed metal comes with a up-to-date indictment of America and life in the new millennium. It’s angry, fast, catchy as hell, and it’s guaranteed to cause total chaos wherever it goes!


“They’ll pat you on the back and knife you in the front. It’s good unfriendly violent fun! Sign them already!” – Invisible Oranges

“This is punk. This is thrash. This is excellent.” – Diabolical Conquest Zine

“Stillbirth of a Nation is the first salvo in the resurrection of the thrash genre.” – Houston Examiner

“If you’re looking for a quick, catchy, and pissed-off burst of thrash, look no further than Birth AD’s debut release Stillbirth of a Nation.” –

“Essentially, Stillbirth Of A Nation is everything current acts such as Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and other thrash-aping act wish they could be without so much as ruffling their denim-covered leather.” –

“One of the top 5 demos of 2009” – Decibel Magazine

“Birth AD are utterly the real deal.” –


Band lineup:

Jeff Tandy – Yelling, Bass

Brian Morrison – Guitars

Mark Perry – Drums


Official Website:




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