Negative Existence to Reissue Astrofaes’ Dying Emotions Domain

Negative Existence will be reissuing the debut album of the superlative Ukrainian black metal group ASTROFAES. Throughout the years ASTROFAES have bound themselves to the concept of the resurrection of the Spirit of Slavonic Lands; the pride, honour and blood of their ancestors. Each and every song on Dying Emotions Domain is filled with the atmosphere of nature’s might and the mystery of the everlasting universe. Thick, heavy guitars and melodic keyboards effectively concoct black metal laced with progression and originality and a direct influence from the old sound.


Dying Emotions Domain was originally released on Oriana Productions in1998.  Negative Existence will issue a remastered and repackaged version within the next month.  This edition will have new artwork presented on a luxurious digipack with an 8-page booklet.  The CD will be available from as well as many other fine distributors.


Dying Emotions Domain Track List:
The Black Woods Theory
Fiery Mysticism
At Nightfall
Path To Burning Space
Necromantical Screams
Ad Infinitum (Dark II)
Dying Emotions Domain
A Song of the Night Birds

Complete Astrofaes Discography: 


Ad Infinitum          Demo        1996     
The Attraction: Heavens and Earth        Demo        1997     
The Attraction: Heavens & Earth (live)    Demo        1997      
Dying Emotions Domain            Full-length    1998     
The Eyes of the Beast                Full-length    2000     
Ancestors ‘Shadows                Full-length    2002     
Heritage                    Full-length    2002    
Those Whose Past is Immortal        Full-length    2005     
Idea.Form.Essence                Full-length    2007

Shu-Nun                    EP        2008    
  Live Hate                    DVD        2009

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