Elvis Jackson reveal video for brand new single ‘Street 45’

 Slovenia’s Elvis Jackson present ‘Street 45’, the third single to be taken from their album “Against the Gravity”. An original and interesting animated video for the song “Street 45” was recorded on an adventurous tour that saw the band take in Ljubljana, New York and Sarajevo. This music video captures the message of the song perfectly and takes place on the actual 45th Street in the New York City. Members of the band appear in the video as animated characters, and focuses on a victim of violence.  In today’s fast-living world, one filled with contradictions, the band are commenting on how unimportant life can appear as we become merely a number – a statistic.

Created by the team at Knap Studios, you can view the video in its entirety here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WN7axud6v4


Elvis Jackson gained critical praise during the UK release of Against The Gravity last year, and the band will be gracing our stages again this October when they touch down for a week of live shows.

October tour details are:

6th – TBC

7th- Southampton- Cellar Bar

8th- London – New Cross Inn

9th – TBC

10th – TBC

11th – TBC

12th – Norwich – Karma Kafe

13th- TBC

14th – Hastings – The Tubman



For more information on Elvis Jackson please visit: http://www.elvisjackson.com/


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