Enormicon new EP Storm of Swords available now.



Enormicon Bends Brains and Scorches Earth with Storm of Swords‏

Denton, TX’s ENORMICON has unleashed a progressive-minded brand of heavy stoner rock/metal to the world with the Storm of Swords EP. Balancing the heaviest and most intriguing aspects of bands like High on Fire, Black Sabbath, Tool, Voivod, and Mastodon, the self-release album must be heard to be believed. With a warlike theme based on an original concept, ENORMICON steers clear of political or social commentary, and relies instead on the brutal imagery and legends of a fantastic, primordial dimension known as Gargantua. The EP is available for purchase now on I-Tunes and CD Baby.

track listing 


Pray for Death

The Gargantuan

Dark Forces

Brotherhood of the Plague



Formed in the summer of 2008 in Denton, Texas, Enormicon is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Clay Davis. Upon discovering the long-forgotten, leatherbound bible belonging to his late great-grandfather, clay found, hidden in the pages of the weathered book, handwritten notes and intricate drawings. A secret journal the old man had probably intended to destroy. The crude renderings and scribbled notes gave a detailed description of a history witnessed firsthand. A dark and forlorn account of a place no human could imagine. He spoke of vengeance-bent warriors summoning forth beast-machine hybrids, and of sentient, elemental forces gorging on chaos and destruction. The preacher had documented a vision so vivid in detail, so unbelievable that it seemed it could only be the folly of an aging man of the cloth, to be discarded as demented fantasy, or perhaps opaque distortions of reality. But Clay knew better. Having only been handed down guarded legends and whispered tales of a mysterious figure he never knew, Clay never doubted the validity of the old man’s story. He had to know the truth, and prove his great grandfather correct. Believing music to be the greatest transcendental force and voice, clay summoned his lifelong friend and bassist Joe Rosenthal, as well as a veteran drummer they trusted, Dave Slaughter, to begin a sonic quest to make manifest the surreal world the reverend had called “Gargantua,” and attempt to discover if the otherworldly vision depicted in the scrawlings was real. What transpired could not have been anticipated……



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