GOREGAST announce new drummer

Germany’s GOREGAST is pleased to announce the addition of drummer Torge Ließmann to their ranks. Torge previously spent time as the mastermind behind porno goregrinders MOZEK MOTORS, but is perhaps best known for his time with Metal Blade Recording Artists THE OCEAN. Check out a video of Torge playing with THE OCEAN at  this location.


Rico Unglaube – vocals

Torge Ließmann – drums

Rico Krause – guitar

Steve Kleinert – guitar

Ronny Thiel – bass

 GOREGAST is set to release their latest disc, Desechos Humanos. on September 9, 2011 through . The third album from these German maniacs is a direct attack against humanity’s rotten core.  Expect a brutal mixture of old school styled Death Metal and bone-crushing Grindcore. Like General Surgery genetically mutated with Morgoth and Nihilist,

Desechos Humanos is extreme metal of the highest quality.




Read the review of Desechos Humanos @  http://ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/goregast-%E2%80%93-desechos-humanos/


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