KAURA to Give Away One New Track From New Full-Length CD/DVD

KAURA to Give Away One New Track From New Full-Length CD/DVD, ‘That Which Defines Us’, Each Week Until Release Date, September 20th, 2011

  California natives KAURA have just announced that they will be giving away one new track cut from their new full-length CD/DVD, That Which Defines Us, each week up until the release date of September 20th. A new track can be downloaded weekly at www.kaura.bandcamp.com, where the new album can also be streamed in its entirety now.


Produced by singer Malcolm GuessThat Which Defines Us is a testament of dedication, taking over two years to record with the assistance of rock luminaries such as Sylvia Massey (Tool, System of a Down, Danzig), Ken Andrews (Failure, A Perfect Circle) and Michael Romanowski (Dredg).  Central to the album’s sound were instruments that the band collected on their travels to India, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal.

KAURA (pronounced kay-aura) were born from the vision of infusing the aggressive power of hard, melodic rock with the haunting and ethereal sounds of ancient instruments.  “We were really drawn to the sounds of these instruments because they are not traditionally heard in modern rock music,” explains guitarist Ben Rojas. Drummer  Benjamin Jones adds, “We have always strived to create our own unique voice and incorporating these instruments helps us do that and create a really expansive depth of sound.”

The DVD portion of the set includes two music videos directed by drummer Benjamin Jones for the songs ‘Ephemeral Fall’ and ‘Silence Speaks Louder’.  It also features an hour long ‘Making of the Album’, and footage of the band’s adventures collecting instruments during their travels.

For more information about KAURA, please visit :


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