GRAVEHILL To Play Wolves of the Apocalypse Festival This Weekend

GRAVEHILL To Play Wolves of the Apocalypse Festival This Weekend

  Having conquered Central Illinois Metalfest and massacred Maryland Deathfest, the maniacal bastards known as GRAVEHILL now have their sights set on the unassuming locale of Cheyenne, Wyoming to headline the Wolves of the Apocalypse Festival. The show will take place on Saturday August 20th at The Bananza (600 E. Carlson, Cheyenne, WY) with the doors opening at 2:00 and bands starting at 2:30.

GRAVEHILL vocalist Mike Abominator had this to say about the festival, “Cheyenne will get the live Decibel Ritual treatment this Saturday. We have been sharpening our weapons of death metal terror and this Horde Of Death will NOT disappoint! Some might scoff at the fact that we are going to Wyoming to play a show. FOOLS! These maniacs had the balls to get us out there and they asked for Gravehill! We aim to make those maniacs happier than pigs in shit when we come out to this section of the “badlands” of America. NEVER underestimate TRUE metal fans ANYWHERE! We plan on nothing else other than a total fucking massacre and it will be an honor to slay at this festival!”

When GRAVEHILL rolls into Cheyenne this weekend, they will be bringing with them a secret weapon in the form of FATALIST guitarist Neil Burkdoll, who will be filling in for Matt “Hellfiend” Harvey. Abominator again commented,  “Our Brother Matt “Hellfiend” Harvey will be busy with duties from his whore of a gore metal wife Exhumed, so we had to find a crazy fucker to fill his smelly shoes. Enter Neil “N. Bloodlust” Burkdoll, who you might know from his other band Fatalist. Neil was an obvious choice to join us on this trip for the festival and also joining us for future endeavors that always include blood, piss and beer! He has been a longtime friend and is a ripper of a guitar player, so we welcome him with leather/spiked arms covered in blood and dark hearts of damnation!” 

Joining GRAVEHILL for the fest will be BURIAL RITUAL, A HILL TO DIE UPON, HEMOPTYSIS, PLAGUEHAMMER, VOMIT GOD, WEAPONIZER, MOUNT CAIRN, CONDEMNED REMAINS, STOIC DISSENSION and INCINERATED. Dark Descent Records will be vending at the event as well. Tickets are available at this location. More details can be found at the festivals’ Facebook Event Page.  
GRAVEHILL released their latest slab of brutality, When All Roads Lead To Hell  on May 20th through Dark Descent Records with vinyl treatment coming soon courtesy of Dark Descent and Chaos Records. 2011 has been a huge year for GRAVEHILL with the band dominating at MDF as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Destruction, Aura Noir and many more

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