WULI RECORDS Releases New Single, ‘Princess Reprise’, by Lee DeWyze

WuLi Records recently released a brand new digital single by Lee DeWyze, entitled ‘Princess Reprise’, in addition to the recently released single, ‘Fallen’. This new track, just like ‘Fallen’, features WuLi Records founders Louis Svitek and Ryan McGuire on the guitars and drums.

 ‘Princess Reprise’ is available for download now on the RockBand Network at this link.

Princess Reprise’ is also available now at iTunes and Amazon for purchase and a free remix can be downloaded here: http://www.leedewyze.com.

Lee DeWyze has previously released records available for purchase now through WuLi Records. The notable records, Slumberland and So I’m Told, feature producers Ryan McGuire and famed guitarist Louis Svitek. The collaboration is an evocative, haunting mix of multi-instrumental, multi-faceted songs whose artistry draws comparison to Jack Johnson and Chris Martin.


In regards to continuing with the rights to Lee’s back-catalog, WuLi Records label head Ryan McGuire explains, “WuLi Records believes we did the right thing by releasing Lee from our contract to participate in American Idol, no questions asked.  We have fully embraced Lee’s success and he has and will continue to receive royalties for every WuLi Records music sale.  We even actively promoted Lee’s RCA single ‘Sweet Serendipity’ to rally votes for the VH1 Top 20 video countdown.  Our mutually agreed termination included the release of So I’m ToldSlumberland and enough material for a third release.


WuLi Records discovered Lee and signed him to a three record deal in 2006.  We cultivated and encouraged Lee’s artistic energy to develop all the material for So I’m ToldSlumberland and this potential third release.  Moreover, the label owners played drums and guitar on the majority of the tracks and served as Lee’s live band from 2007-2010. For the record, per Lee’s request, Slumberland was not marketed or promoted while he was on Idol.  The release was significantly delayed due to manufacturing issues beyond our control. Although the timing of the Slumberlandrelease has been questioned, as trying to take advantage of American Idol, the release was planned far in advance of Lee’s Chicago audition.”


After Lee’s success, WuLi Records has been trying to figure out the third release without diluting Lee’s “Live It Up” album. WuLi Records has many songs written 100% by Lee, while he was able to control the creative process, and we would like to share them with ALL of the fans.


Lee began writing ‘Fallen’ in the year of 2006, which would be one of his songs on his pre Idol debut So I’m Told. He recorded the guitars at Sviteknology Studio and vocals at Studio Ten23.  Fallen never made the list of songs that would appear on “So I’m Told”. Fallen is one of Lee’s creations that would be a Lee DeWyze classic recorded at the WuLi Studios and stored in the vault. With the agreement of WuLi releasing a 3rd Lee DeWyze Indie unfulfilled, WuLi has managed to creatively fulfill this obligation on there own by reaching deep into the vault and bringing you some of Lee’s rare and unheard tracks starting with ‘Fallen’, which is a timeless song written by Lee DeWyze.

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