HARVEST and GOOD FIGHT MUSIC Release ‘Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust.’ Today!

  Metalcore pioneers HARVEST and GOOD FIGHT MUSIC are pleased to announce today’s release of the band’s new 7 inch, Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust.  The 7 inch features two new songs, as well as the last unreleased track written in 1999 (‘Torture Inhibition’) and a new version of a song that was originally released on a CD compilation and Transitions (‘Soul Burn’). A special digital version of the EP includes a new version of the song ‘Conditioned’ as a bonus track only available through iTunesYears of Defiance. Years of Disgust. is available in two different limited color pressings, white and clear.


Determined to create intense music regardless of geographic distance, Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust. was written and recorded in three different cities; Minneapolis, Toronto, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mixed by Jay Maas (Getaway Recording/Defeater) and Dan Zimmerman and mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Mastering, Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust. is the record that HARVEST fans have been craving for over ten years.  

Check out review of Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust. @ http://ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/harvest-%E2%80%93-years-of-defiance-years-of-disgust/


Dave Walker – vocals
Dan Zimmerman – guitar
Adam Patterson – drums
Jon Mcaab – bass
Mike Duffy – guitar


For more information on HARVEST and upcoming events, please visit:





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