Pope Joan is dead! Introducing Black Black Hills.

Introducing Black Black Hills

Due to the gradual changes that band’s sound has undergone, Brighton’s Pope Joan has become Black Black Hills. The band’s line-up will remain the same; the name change shows the natural progression of their sound, which has seen a greater emphasis on a darker, electronic sound.

Singer Samuel Aaron says: “We found that how we sounded and our approach had changed so much that it felt right to change the name. The name Black Black Hills is a better reflection of the way we now sound.

Black Black Hills’ sound incorporates roomy, drum heavy sounds, mixed with electronic noises and samples while evoking organic imagery of land and dirt. This new approach to their sound and energy is represented superbly by the short film to accompany their single ‘The Celebration’, made by 2009 UK Music Video Award Nominees Blac Ionica. The dark and unnerving video is a modern pastiche of folklore and pagan ceremonies, which unrelentingly builds tension, drawing on a mysterious and sinister obsession with the unknown.

‘The Celebration’ short film can be seen at http://youtu.be/Y4Ql_cf72xU

The band will continue to record and perform under their new moniker.

Black Black Hills’ debut single ‘The Celebration’ is available now.

The band are also currently giving away an mp3 of live favourite ‘Billy’s Bride’ over on their facebook page –http://www.facebook.com/blackblackhills.

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