Hard Rockers “Voodoo Highway” announce new drummer

Italian premier classic hard rockers “Voodoo Highway” welcome new band member and drummer, Vincenzo Zairo.

About Vincenzo Zairo:

Vincenzo Zairo was born in the deep south of the Italian peninsula and after having spent a happy childhood he moved with his family to the wetlands east of Emilia Romagna. In his teenage years he grows he found a passion for the drums and rock ‘n’ roll in all it’s different forms, being inspired from bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Scorpions and many other bands from the eighties such as Pantera. With such different inspirations he is brings a technical, expressive and very personal style. He started his musical career in a cover band (The Random) when he was 16 years old, playing songs by Queen, Toto, Deep Purple, Kansas etc. Vincenzo had several lessons from the prominent drummers in the Italian music scene as Stefano Peretto and Iarin Munari. The bands in which he has played are: “The Random” (cover band), Twilight Hall (heavy/power metal band), Didgeridoo (The Funky), and Fuckheroes (cover band). He currently plays in Altair (power/prog metal band) and has just joined Voodoo Highway.


Voodoo Highway‘s current line-up:

MATTEO BIZZARRI – Guitar, backing vocals, breaking guitars

FILIPPO “Gonzo” CAVALLINI – Bass Guitar, Vocals, backing vocals

FEDERICO DI MARCO – Vocals and rhytm guitar


ALESSANDRO DUO’- Organ, guitar, backing vocals




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