PENGUIN PRISON New Video for ‘Fair Warning’

  Penguin Prison is back. Chris Glover, the man behind the name has a new single, ‘Fair Warning’ (from the self-titled debut album, to be released September 5th, and it’s available to download RIGHT NOW! click here to buy from iTunes.

Also the video for the single is released , go watch ‘Fair Warning’ @


22nd August sees the release of a download bundle of selected remixes of ‘Fair Warning’, just two weeks before the album comes out September 5th.


“Imagine, if you will, Chic produced by James Murphy; a collaboration between Prince and The Human League, or Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones remixing ‘Off The Wall’. It is some measure of Penguin Prison’s skills in the studio, on vocals and in terms of songwriting, that such illusory marvels have been achieved on this superb single as well as his self-titled collection.”


“Brilliant” The Fly
“Essential, intelligent electronica” Mixmag
“Penguin Prison slips perfectly into this exciting new dawn that will surely rain down upon us like a form of liquid euphoric joy”Clash
“Cue NYC’s Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, latest kid on the seriously addictive,
electro-pop block” Time Out
“A one-man disco outfit whose fluent, full bodied synth-funk mines the
same seam of Big Apple boogie” Uncut
“Brilliant, bleepy alt-disco” Sunday Times Culture
“Think of Michael Jackson getting fired by Quincy Jones in 1979 and cheering himself by going into the Hit Factory with David Byrne to record Fear of Music” Guardian


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