Hate Eternal: Music video for ‘Lake Ablaze’ now live

  Death Metal masters Hate Eternal for ‘Lake Ablaze’ from their Phoenix Amongst The Ashes album is now live. It was directed by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye (The Black Dahlia Murder, The Devin Townsend Project, Amon Amarth, Suicide Silence, Municipal Waste, Whitechapel, etc) and funded by Scion A/V.
Check out the video @ <http://www.noisecreep.com/2011/07/14/hate-eternal-lake-ablaze-video/>  
In other HATE ETERNAL news, the band wraps up what has been a very successful US tour with co-headliners Origin and support acts Vital Remains and Abysmal Dawn tonight in Orlando, FL. The tour that kicked off in Austin, TX on June 15 took the band through the states and Canada for a total of 25 dates

Phoenix Amongst the Ashes quotes:

Phoenix Amongst the Ashes was released on May 10th and was hailed as “a relentless, intricate, and near-anthemic crowd-pleaser” by Revolver Magazine.

Albert Mudrian of Decibel Magazine declared that Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is “the best death metal record I’ve heard in FOREVER!”.

 Metal Sucks proclaim that “Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is the moment Erik Rutan’s entire career has been leading towards — it’s heavy, it’s catchy, and it’s innovative. This is the best death metal album of 2011 so far, and other bands are going to have to work pretty hard to top it.”

Needless to say, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is in the running for one of the best overall death metal releases of 2011 and could very well be considered the best of the band’s long and storied career.

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