The Libertine’s Gary Powell confirms release schedule for new digital label project

After the announcement of Libertine drummer Gary Powell’s launching of his label 25 Hour Convenience, news of the first releases has been given out.



August 8th sees the release of ‘Monkeyland’ from Acheson in collaboration with 25 Hour Convenience. This dubstep influenced cover of the 80’s classic from The Chameleons has vocals from Acheson who also co-produced the track. Plans following this single campaign include an EP of original material due for release this autumn.


August 15th is the release date for the ‘Telescopic Eye EP’ from Jeye T. Out of Glasgow Jeye T. recorded the EP under the close attention of producer Jon Moon (Amy Winehouse, Kings Of Leon) and Gary Powell himself.


August 22nd brings the Black Einstein single ‘Common Ground’ . Black Einstein (AKA Colin Emmanuel) is an old dog of hip hop and a lover of the art of ‘lyrical flow’ with an approach that is fresh, punchy and imaginative. He truly is a leader and not a follower, in hip hop.



Talking of the label and its emerging roster of talent, Powell said;

“It has been a leap of faith for me to step into the arena as a label boss. When I set up 25 Hour Convenience it was in the hope that I could make as much of a change as one person can with respect to the artist getting the platform they deserve. I’ve been inspired by the number of incredibly talented artists I see that find it hard to get heard. The label’s ethos leans itself to not only championing the artist, but assisting in their overall development. I can’t wait to see the reaction that these 3 artists get when their releases drop.” 

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